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Entertainment from the Peanut Gallery

04 May 2011

Driving Oscar and Tamir home after school last week, they were having a standard conversation about what TV shows they were or weren’t allowed to watch. Or hoped to watch. I’ll spare you the run down of all the different Star Wars versions out there. Then,

Tamir: “My mom says I can’t watch any shows with violence. And, I can’t have a light beer.”

Me (laughing): “I don’t think you’d really like light beer.”

Tamir: “Yes I would, because it has more taste.”

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beer images found here.

Wine & Cheese, Birthday Edition

10 Apr 2011

We missed Maria and Patrick’s back-to-back birthdays while we were on our vacation.
Happily Maria was game for another Wine & Cheese Friday so we could catch up!

This time, Oscar got to announce a surprise cake!

Maria and I have become cake snobs. There, I said it. We’re not super proud of that, and it’s a bit inconvenient, but it’s true. That’s what addiction to Sweet Kiera will do to you. Wait. Yeah – that’s it – I’m a victim! It’s not my fault I have ‘The Next Big Thing’ living next door, and producing copious amounts of sweet perfection…

Look how nice Mikayla and Lucy play together!

And here’s a small portion of the goods Maria had for us!

AND, the cake. It’s chiffon with chocolate filling, whip cream, and beautiful soft fondant that Kiera dusted with pearlescent paintbrush strokes. The cherry blossoms were inspired by Patrick & Maria’s wedding.

The Schmidt family came over too – it was great to see them! I tend to have a glass in my hand, not the camera, so I only have these few photos. But we had a really fun time, and the kids are awesome together. Patrick made fantastic ribs (MMMMMMM!) and I don’t think I’ll be hungry again for a week.

Paparazzi Photo

20 Mar 2011

Baby August is not so baby anymore! Check out the photo I had to Steal…

Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! This is too cute. Wish I was there to take it myself! That’s August Opella up there on his dad’s shoulders. I think that’s their street in Manhattan. But it could be straight off a post in the Sartorialist.. I just love the urban weekend look they are rocking!

August was born June 2008 – which makes him soon-to-be-THREE! Holy cow.
Sarah and Johnny and August we miss you!! XOXO!!

Party Pics – Playing Catch Up

11 Jan 2011

Just what you need – December photos in January. But Kristi graciously shared her photos with us, and I’m just getting to that disc now.
Remember those cute gift tag cookies? Here’s the party that went with them! (UPDATE: And here’s the party blogged on SweetKiera.com)

This invitation rocks!

And, click on the first thumbnail, then use your arrow key to advance.

I’m craving my Maker’s & Ginger Ale.
Thank You Cole and Kiera for hosting such a fun night!