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Last Day of Summer

21 Aug 2013


Let’s be clear. In terms of the weather, Summer is still on it’s way. Our summer is Indian Summer, and happens once everyone is back in school. But there is nothing to be done about that. I’m talking about the calendar, and the last day of summer is a wistful Sunday that ends with a “school night” – early bedtime.

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The sun was out, and we didn’t have anything scheduled, so we just hung out.


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Floor Refinishing in Progress

04 Jul 2012

We are all living downstairs (not entirely, we do have the kitchen). Its awkward, and stinky, but so worth it!

We chose the middle one: “Chestnut”

CAUTION: Wet Floors (This Means You Booker And Lucy).

Today we removed the stupid built in! I’ve wanted that out for 7 years! (Tomorrow marks our 7th year anniversary of living on Page St.) We’re having the floor patched and stained. Then Mark will do some baseboard magic.

Don’t I just love home improvement.