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A Baby Zoo For Madie

04 Jul 2013


Baby Shower time! And I gotta say we rocked it. :)


For a complete and fantastic blog post with the whole story, head over to Sweet Kiera’s Baby Zoo post.
And for a beautiful ‘roll call’ of all the baby animals, as cookies, head here.

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Visit To The NP – Aunt Madie

27 Aug 2011

(I love this!)

Madie is all set up in her new job as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the Pedi-Prepare Clinic across from the UCSF Children’s Hospital. She checks kid’s histories and health before they are admitted for surgeries. She has a beautiful office suite filled with toys – needless to say Lucy enjoyed the visit!

It’s not in the photo, but the wall to the left is Full of books and toys:

We had lunch at the kid’s play table. We chatted. I got to meet Madie’s bright and charming colleges. I was totally impressed with the whole set-up! Pretty awesome!

Lucy and I took the 6 Parnassus (Muni Bus). She loved the trip there and back – it was her first bus as a big girl. I forgot to take a photo (shoot!) but here she is walking home: