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Lucy’s First Charlotte Playdate

23 Sep 2013

It went really well! Lucy has been super attached to Charlotte almost since school year began, and has been begging to have her over. This year Lucy has been focusing on friendship, and who might be her ‘best friend’. (Last year we saw small glimpses of this, but then the friend moved away.) But this new thing is all a little intense and so we are relieved things went, and continue to go, so well! Charlotte is cool and sweet and doesn’t seem to be intimated by Lucy’s overt displays of affection. She seems to be equally excited to be friends! So, Yay!

Mark made buttermilk pancakes – “How bad could that be”

Then they played dress up.



Then they danced “on stage” to (big surprise): “Call Me Maybe”

All the photos are a bit dark because we had a surprise rainy day downpour – in September!?

Then they watched some Little Mermaid. They play this at school together, even though Laurel hill is supposedly no characters. ;)
All in all, a great day.

Playgroup Reunion

05 May 2013

from L to R: Renee, Tiffany, Shelly, Me, Anya, Jennifer, Katie

Renee Rocks! She hosted a beautiful playdate at her amazing home in Marin. We celebrated seven years of friendship! Thank you so much Renee, it means a lot to all of us. I didn’t want to leave! (I want to move in!)

Ironically, I didn’t remember to take photos. Was having too much fun catching up with everyone.
I don’t have one shot of the main kids!

I do have:
Lucy on the massive trampoline out back

Lucy and Eva in the hot tub

A last minute snap out by the cars when I realized I had taken no pics.

That’s all folks, until next time..

Entertainment from the Peanut Gallery

04 May 2011

Driving Oscar and Tamir home after school last week, they were having a standard conversation about what TV shows they were or weren’t allowed to watch. Or hoped to watch. I’ll spare you the run down of all the different Star Wars versions out there. Then,

Tamir: “My mom says I can’t watch any shows with violence. And, I can’t have a light beer.”

Me (laughing): “I don’t think you’d really like light beer.”

Tamir: “Yes I would, because it has more taste.”

(click to see larger)
beer images found here.

Playdate With Tamir

01 Feb 2011

Oscar’s friend Tamir came home with us after class today. He’s really a cool little guy.

With the babygate, they played in Oscar’s room with no interference by Lucy. Lucy and I played with little puzzles and one-year-old appropriate stuff. We made quite a mess! It was fun. I could hear snippets of the boy’s conversation, and Lucy went on multiple reconnaissance missions for me.

Low moments included overhearing Oscar: “Shoot her in the face!” and later, “It’s my Freaking turn!”
Clearly showing off as best he could. Nice.

Cute moments included overhearing requests for “More love”, and, “You can have my heart” (They were making Valentine books)

Right when I was considering letting them watch a TV show, they discovered the knights and castle toys. Together they built an empire to defend against the ‘Evil Baby Lucy’.

At some point -not kidding- I heard notes of singing together. It was a spontaneous duet of a class song that they are learning. It ends in “I love you!”
Too cute.