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Party Pics – Playing Catch Up

11 Jan 2011

Just what you need – December photos in January. But Kristi graciously shared her photos with us, and I’m just getting to that disc now.
Remember those cute gift tag cookies? Here’s the party that went with them! (UPDATE: And here’s the party blogged on SweetKiera.com)

This invitation rocks!

And, click on the first thumbnail, then use your arrow key to advance.

I’m craving my Maker’s & Ginger Ale.
Thank You Cole and Kiera for hosting such a fun night!

Oscar’s “real” Birthday – September 4th

06 Sep 2010

We had a fun day!
Oscar is finally a five year old. Happy Birthday Oscar!

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge, then use your arrow key to advance.

Cutest moment of the day: checking voicemail (after that Awful reception black hole that is Berkeley)
and hearing this: