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So. Cal. Weekend – Part II – Crvarich Cousins

17 Oct 2013

We woke up the morning after Disneyland, excited for more fun. Bring on the cousins!
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I’m full of nostalgia for the Sheraton logo – it reminds me of all the Sheratons we stayed at when I was a kid.
Also full of gratitude for this starbucks grande nonfat latte with an extra shot and 2 pumps of vanilla, that Mark ordered and brought to my bed. :))
Maybe less gratitude for my balcony dancer who had too much energy.

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So. Cal. Weekend – Part I – Disneyland

17 Oct 2013

We had a whirlwind weekend… I’m posting everything so be warned. :) Saturday was Disneyland.
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b-002_IMG_1183 b-003_IMG_1177
We got started early (8:30am)! Minnie and Mickie were there to welcome us. (Oscar passed on the photo op.)

b-004_IMG_1186 b-005_IMG_1189
Since it had only been 14 months since our last Dinseyland visit, Oscar still remembered everything clearly and wanted to head for Fantasyland right away, which I thought was sweet.

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Camp Okizu – Family Camp – Labor Day Weekend 2013

25 Sep 2013


We had SO much fun! For those of you that don’t know, Camp Okizu is a camp for families affected by childhood cancer. We first heard about it when one of our favorite UCSF nurses went to work at the oncology camp. We’ve been before and we hope to go again!

This year we were thrilled that the Reibel family could come up with us! Rosalie, a girl in Oscar’s 3rd grade class, was diagnosed with a brain tumor (medulloblastoma) when she was a baby. She’s a Rockstar!! Our families have been friends since meeting at Clarendon. I’m so proud and in awe of Rosalie! This is her website.

And so, the nine of us shared a cabin, and the two families clicked really well!
Half of these photos were taken by Mark Reibel (all the best ones if you’re wondering) and let me say it was SO nice to take the pressure off, photo-wise. It was such a treat to receive his dropbox full of awesome memories! — So – here’s back at ya Mark!

**And don’t think we were sitting around with our cameras out… I was able to “unplug” entirely,
and my phone-as-camera was mostly stashed away. ;)
We were busy the whole weekend! Okizu is a masterpiece. Special thanks to three of the kid’s most favorite counselors, ZaZa, Eggo, and Woo. (I know – don’t you love counselor names?)

>>> This link is to the SLIDESHOW of Mark and my photos: <<<

(It should play on your mobile device, but try for wi-fi!)

Stay Tuned.. There are rumors of Oscar and Rosalie’s sister, Susannah, going up together next summer for sleepaway camp!

Kauai Vacation Photos – Slideshow

07 Jul 2013

Aloha!! We had the BEST trip!
Here is the show, short and sweet.

this link:

We stayed at the Kiahuna Plantation in Poipu, on Kauai.

I really wanted to use this song for our slideshow, (‘On Top Of The World’, by Imagine Dragons,) because of a memory I have from when I was young.
My family was vacationing in Hawaii (different island) and Dad had driven the rental car out onto a big mountain top of black lava. I don’t remember other people – we had the place to ourselves. The view was incredible, and we were all really happy. The Tears For Fears song came on on the radio, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’. We opened all of the car doors so we could hear it nice and loud. It was so epic that it stuck with me: the moment, the feeling of being out there, with my family, and dancing to our own personal soundtrack. We felt like it was playing just for us! I guess now you can have any song you want at any time, but then it seemed like a small miracle.

So, when I first heard this Imagine Dragons song, I knew it would be my Hawaii song :) It was practically on repeat.
What about you? If you have any songs attached to your vacation memories, I’d love to hear!

2nd Grade Camping Trip

21 May 2013

Can you see the deer?

The Clarendon second grade descended on Cloverdale for our 2nd annual camping trip.
(Which happens to fall on Mothers Day Weekend…
A great big spider greeted me on mother’s day morning, but that’s a story I’ll just skip.)

We all had lots of fun, Lucy came with us this year, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

Monday in Santa Cruz

01 May 2013

Monday, instead of sending the kids to school, Chief and I took them with us for a day trip to Santa Cruz.


The main reason for the trip was to go see Auntie HL (Helen Louise), who is Chief’s mother‘s sister. Her granddaughter Ashley (my second cousin) lives with her, and so we got to visit with her too, which was great.
Auntie HL had not met Oscar or Lucy! For that I felt terrible, but better late than never.

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