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Oscar’s First Piano Song That We Recognise

13 Sep 2012

There are other pieces that he has been playing and practicing, but this one is kind of special because it’s famous!
I took this minutes after his lesson, when he had played it for the absolute first time.
So, this is actually his 3rd time playing it.

He was pretty excited, though he doesn’t show it in the video. Here is a self-portrait, posted a few minutes later on his Instagram:

Instagram – Better Late Than Never

01 Aug 2012

I found the party :)

I gave the Instagram App a try this weekend, over a short So. Cal Road Trip.
It was fun! The trip AND the app.

It’s all photo based, and you only follow who you want to. It’s so easy I think I’ll be sticking with it. (I Hope I don’t blog less because of it!)

For those of you who want to “follow me” I’m @hunnyvale
And for those of you with no iPhone, here’s a sampling of what I posted:

Yes, the filters are cheap tricks. I feel like I’ve joined the Dark Side! You don’t have to use them. (We have a name for them: ‘Stupid Tone’) I thought I’d slum it In the name of fully trying it all out. Maybe It’s a guilty pleasure – like watching crap tv. I dunno. We’ll see.

I like this blog, and her earlier post is pretty much the same idea.