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Oscar’s Birthday Dinner

04 Sep 2013

What a nice evening we had! Omi & Opi came over, and so did Nanu & Chief, and Cole & Kiera. Everyone brought food, presents, and dessert! We had a yummy (easy) spaghetti dinner, with green salad and fruit salad and garlic bread. We followed it with 2 birthday desserts: a cake from Ben & Jerry’s, and homemade ice cream cake sundaes from Sweet Kiera that were gorgeous and crazy delicious. Oscar was in ice cream heaven. He is also in Star wars heaven – thanks for the gifts!


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A Baby Zoo For Madie

04 Jul 2013


Baby Shower time! And I gotta say we rocked it. :)


For a complete and fantastic blog post with the whole story, head over to Sweet Kiera’s Baby Zoo post.
And for a beautiful ‘roll call’ of all the baby animals, as cookies, head here.

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Auntie {Sweet} Kiera Strikes Again

02 Apr 2013


For no reason at all.
“Wanna bring the kids over for cake?”

      {giant, spectacular, amazing, scrumptious}
Um, okay.


(click to see larger images. These snaps are from the end of February – so don’t come running over here for slices…)

Kiera’s ChristmasBirthday Party

18 Dec 2012

A couple of random iPhone snaps to remember the awesomeness of the night.

Oh YOU KNOW there were some amazing Christmas cookies…

Awww. (Behind Chief you can see the photobooth backdrop)

Surprise Guest! UJ!
Whaaat!? Such a fun surprise!
And we got Aunt Pam on the phone, and it was some great Gott family love.

You might want to know,
There are much better photos over here at (the
NEW & IMPROVED) Natural Light Photography Website!

We put the kids down in Kiera & Cole’s bed so we could stay longer…

Fun times. Happy Holidays, and the best year ever (twentynine!) and a new
apartment layout, and festive jammies, Cherry M&Ms?!, ancient rap reggae, best friends, family, and a new NLP website…

dare I say?

May 7th

07 May 2012

Our sweet Ava baby would be nine today. Lucy and I went out for peonies. (And a haircut.) They didn’t have the pink ones I wanted. They has some tiny dark pink ones, that weren’t open yet. So I went with the white. It’s fine, right?

I love the wrapping. It’s always my temptation to leave them in the paper.

Shall I photoshop them pink?

A PRETTY butterfly from Auntie Kristi ♥

Running with a lollipop?!

Cady sent me these pics – isn’t she sweet! And – that is exactly the right pink peony. I’ll make sure to call in my order ahead next year (10!)

Tonight we are going out to dinner down the street – Ragazza. I want to try out their back patio. After, we’ll tear into these:

Kiera and Cole came over for breakfast. SK surprised us with these classic lovelies! ♥!