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Mark’s 3 Part Birthday

28 Aug 2013

Part One: Out in SF with Friends

Carlo and Dave surprised Mark at Suppenkuche, one of our favorite restaurants. It was SO awesome of those guys to rally – I know Mark was off the charts happy. The double surprise was perfect. We drank beer and marveled that Dave had never been there before. If you go, all you need to know is this: Jägerschnitzel. (in Champignonsoße mit Spätzle und grünem Salat – Translation: Sauteed Porkloin in Mushroom Sauce served with Spätzle & Green Salad)

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Auntie {Sweet} Kiera Strikes Again

02 Apr 2013


For no reason at all.
“Wanna bring the kids over for cake?”

      {giant, spectacular, amazing, scrumptious}
Um, okay.


(click to see larger images. These snaps are from the end of February – so don’t come running over here for slices…)

Isabella’s Birthday Party

12 Dec 2012

I just so happened to ABSOLUTELY LOVE this party.
Isabella turned Seven! The party was held at American Gymnastics Club, and even though Lucy was the littlest kid there – she was SO into it. (I would love to know what she was thinking in her head. Probably, something along the lines of, “can I move in!?”) She was shy for about 59 seconds, then she jumped to it.

Sweet Kiera made the cake – Rainbow! With Fondant Icing! And soooooo delicious.
(Here’s her post.)
Thanks for having us, Kelly Family! xoxo

PS. This is a phone snapshot (Instagram) of Oscar and Isabella after watching City Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker, at the Palace of Fine Arts, the day before.

June 2 – My Birthday

04 Jun 2012

Woke up to brunch! Peet’s latte, birthday cake, pastries, bacon & eggs, fresh o.j. & strawberries, presents and flowers! Thanks for the photo, Kiera, and the rest are thanks to Cole.

Swedish Princess: white cake layers with raspberry and kirsch custard filling, whipped cream and marzipan icing.

A little help making my wish… (Afterwards, Lucy cried. So cute!!)

All better

It was Georgia’s birthday too! Actually, even more special as it was her Golden Birthday! 2 on the second. She got bacon.

We took turns being Hipsters.

Alex makes hipster look cool

cutie pie hipster frenchie.

Someone said he looked like Chief.

Play-on Playa

This one cracked me up

Later we took the kids to Nanu & Chief’s for a sleepover. Yay! No Kids!
Off we went, to Zuni with Ben and Joan.
Only one photo, but it says enough!

Thanks for all my birthday love!!

Update, *sigh*, in response to Cole’s comment:

Pre-Wedding in Manhasset

25 Oct 2011

More Photos!

Thursday evening’s family dinner at Harbor Q in Port Washington. It was the perfect spot, and the perfect night.

Back at Jim and Jeanette’s (a beautiful homemade cake to celebrate Jim and Vicki’s 40th).

(can you recognize what movie we all watched?)

Friday morning the girls got our nails done, and went out for lunch, at La P’tite Framboise.

April and Lucy had biberons de lait.

Finally, we all had a great time at the rehearsal dinner. I only have this one photo, but I love it.