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Party Pics – Playing Catch Up

11 Jan 2011

Just what you need – December photos in January. But Kristi graciously shared her photos with us, and I’m just getting to that disc now.
Remember those cute gift tag cookies? Here’s the party that went with them! (UPDATE: And here’s the party blogged on SweetKiera.com)

This invitation rocks!

And, click on the first thumbnail, then use your arrow key to advance.

I’m craving my Maker’s & Ginger Ale.
Thank You Cole and Kiera for hosting such a fun night!

Extra Special Second Cup Today

18 Nov 2010

I usually have my morning coffee as soon as I can after I wake up.
On school mornings, that coffee is necessary, reliable and not very memorable.
When I get back from dropping O. at school, I usually have time to appreciate a second cup. Don’t tell anyone that I microwave it. (One day I’ll get a really great espresso machine – till then…)

This morning I opened the fridge to a surprise present from Sweet Kiera!
A chill is in the November air, the light is streaming through my southern exposure, and I am delaying my computer tasks in the quiet bliss of Lucy’s nap time.

hmmm. still just primer on my door.

hmmm. need to wash those windows.

hmmm. coconut and lemon. mmmmm.

Lucy’s Bad Hair Day

25 Oct 2010

Can a baby even have a bad hair day? I don’t really think so, but I needed a title for this blog post, and that seemed the most appropriate. I’ll change it if anyone thinks of something better…

Thanks for the photos Cole!