Halloween Costumes

29 Oct 2013


These were taken on Saturday, which is our annual Halloween Party at the preschool.
This year the real Halloween falls on a Thursday, and we are excited for trick-or-treating, but it won’t be such a fashion show. If I predict correctly, it will be a race to get out there in costume, a race to get candy with maybe a few clicks of the iphone, and then a race to get the kids into bed.
In any case, here’s this year’s efforts. I give you Elvis, and Rapunzel.

Mark slyly took this of me, putting on the finishing touches.

I slyly took this of Lu primping with her make-up.

Hair & Make-up. This year features two wig costumes! Next year, no wigs.

Tra la la … Princess Rapunzel!

005b_IMG_8639-P 006b_IMG_8641-P
007b_IMG_8658-P 008b_IMG_8673-P

Make way for a different kind of Royalty: The King of Rock n Roll!

This eagle is my effort at BeDazzling (as seen on TV). I’m happy with the results, and ready to walk on.

010b_IMG_2310 012b_IMG_8711-P

Charlotte and Lucy at the Laurel Hill photo booth

016b_IMG_2363 017b_IMG_2367
The girls with weird squashes.

Elvis found the piano :)

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