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Poison Oak

28 Jan 2013

This was taken on January 16th. It’s a photo of Lucy and me getting Poison Oak.

It also represents our weekend plans getting canceled:
The kids didn’t get to see snow for the first time.
We missed Nana’s 90th birthday party.
We missed a sleepover with the Nickles.
It’s also two trips to the weekend emergency room, steroids and more steroids. I took Prednizone, which worked, but it’s not good for 3 year olds. She has a strong topical creme.

Lucy, today, is still covered in itchy rash.
That invisible poison oak flattened us.

Can you believe this is right across the street from Clarendon?

WordPress Camp

04 Aug 2012

Mark and I are at a seminar today, all about WordPress and the sites that run on it. Oscar And Lucy .Com is powered by WP, and it’s nice to check in on all the inner workings.
NerdAlert! Actually I really like the vibe here, and even though I don’t speak ‘code’, it feels a little like home. Lots of really smart dudes here. (and apparently a high number of women, compared to the usual, As reported by Mark.)
Maybe there will be some good new changes coming to Oscar and Lucy sometime soon. ;)


Lucy Interview

28 Jul 2012

I was making dinner the other night, but had to turn the burners down in order to faithfully record this spontaneous Q & A between brother and sister. I even did it covertly so as not to influence anything.

{Oscar} Lucy, how do you say Goodnight?
{Lucy} You read a bedtime story.

{O} Do you see the clouds outside?
{L} Yes, but they are not sparkling today.

[thats what led me to grab a pen]

{O} What about a tree?
{L} It’s blowing in the wind.

{O} How about our house?
{L} Because it’s getting fixed.
[she’s referring to our floor refinishing]

{O} What if we go to a park?
{L} Because I like a playground.

{O} What about a picture?
{L} Picture is a camera.

{O} Do you want some juice?
{L} Because I really like my juice sippy cup. It’s on the compiano.


We don’t know why, but lots of Lucy nouns have a “com-” prefix. Mark thinks it has to do with “computer”. Partial list: com-giraffe, com-ice cream, com-banana, com-phone, com-backpack.
These cute word things are short lived. It’s hard to remember, but not long ago she used to say “Allerina” Alloween, abaloons, and more, but now I forget!

Still, nothing beats Oscar’s not liking pizza. Yet. ;)