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Kiera’s ChristmasBirthday Party

18 Dec 2012

A couple of random iPhone snaps to remember the awesomeness of the night.

Oh YOU KNOW there were some amazing Christmas cookies…

Awww. (Behind Chief you can see the photobooth backdrop)

Surprise Guest! UJ!
Whaaat!? Such a fun surprise!
And we got Aunt Pam on the phone, and it was some great Gott family love.

You might want to know,
There are much better photos over here at (the
NEW & IMPROVED) Natural Light Photography Website!

We put the kids down in Kiera & Cole’s bed so we could stay longer…

Fun times. Happy Holidays, and the best year ever (twentynine!) and a new
apartment layout, and festive jammies, Cherry M&Ms?!, ancient rap reggae, best friends, family, and a new NLP website…

dare I say?

Lucy’s Ballerina Party

05 Nov 2011

A Huge Thank you to Matisse and Cora, our beautiful ballerinas, for making our party so fun and lovely!
Thank you to Jeanette for sending adorable ballet cookies, post haste! My other hero at the post office is Fairy Godmother Kristi, who sent the party favors – as you can see, they were way too cute.
Thank you to Cole and Kiera, for taking such pretty pictures – without which there would be no show (You can never take photos at your own party). I loved the party! Lucy did too – ” ‘Allerina Party! Cakes! Big Party!”
Last, Thanks Honey (Mark), for driving around, getting those huge pink balloons, and most importantly, for putting up the ballet barre in our living room (a.k.a. the dance studio), which totally passed the ballerina test. Hooray! You rock. xxoo

Click on the party invitation to see the slideshow:

( –You need Flash to view this!– )


____Update 11/12/11_____

Cutest comments from Cora’s FB page, when she made this photo her profile pic.

Visiting Jeanette and Jim’s in Manhasset

23 Oct 2011

One of the best things about being in New York before the wedding was getting to spend quality time with Kiera’s family! Jeanette and Jimmy invited us to stay with them! (It was arranged we would sleep in their “basement” – Oscar renamed it the Apartment because it was so large and so nice).

Lucy and Oscar slept on the drive in from the Hamptons.

Jeanette got out some toys she’d been saving since Kiera and Lauren were girls – including this whole kitchen!

Kiera with Lauren and Baby April

♥ Jeanette ♥

There were a lot of cute pre-wedding moments

On the platform, waiting for the LIRR. Off to Manhattan!

A Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow for Cole and Kiera

16 Oct 2011

I made a slideshow of “the kids” as we affectionately call them behind their backs.
Jeanette and Vicki sent me some great photos to use.


And if you missed it, here’s the slideshow of photos from their wedding shower: