Merry Christmas 2013

19 Dec 2013


This is our “runner up” card – we were being Pirates!
Karen Mac took the photo while we were on vacation in Oregon this past August.
(Artwork by someone at Minted.)

I know I’ve been tragic about posting to the blog (a.k.a. family photo album).
I hope to update the blog more consistently (and do some much needed housekeeping behind the scenes). I will back-date some posts so that the December calendar will reflect the warm and full holiday month we’ve enjoyed.

I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas.
love, Vale and Family

Japanese Butterfly Princess Party

12 Nov 2013


Lucy was sooooo excited for her party, and we all had a fun time with the theme. Kristi sent so much good stuff in the mail – like the beautiful wings and wands. I had fun baking cookies and cake, and making little doll princesses. The girls were all adorable. And we had Hank! So, yay. Happy Fourth Birthday Lucy!

Halloween Costumes

29 Oct 2013


These were taken on Saturday, which is our annual Halloween Party at the preschool.
This year the real Halloween falls on a Thursday, and we are excited for trick-or-treating, but it won’t be such a fashion show. If I predict correctly, it will be a race to get out there in costume, a race to get candy with maybe a few clicks of the iphone, and then a race to get the kids into bed.
In any case, here’s this year’s efforts. I give you Elvis, and Rapunzel.

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