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Summer Daze – Goofing Off at the Academy

24 Jul 2013

We are all on COUSIN WATCH around here…
So I have nothing scheduled, on purpose.
(You thought it was hard waiting for the Royal Baby?!)

And hence, a random trip to the Academy.

We parked here.

Oscar was proud that he knew the way to the museum. He bikes this street with Mark on Sundays when the street is closed to traffic. He became our official tour guide.

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Alameda Flea Market

14 Jul 2013


I guess they don’t call it that anymore. It’s the Antiques Faire.

I loved it! They have so much – I can’t wait to go back! It’s the largest antiques show in Northern California, and it’s held on the 1st Sunday of every month. Better than garage sales in almost every way. I went with Kristi and we met Madie and Nanu. And I got a chair :)

So Clever! its a dog bed. We loved this for a one day ‘DIY’.

This looks like ours, but not nearly as nice.

Here ‘she’ is. I’m just going to say that the chair is awesome and comfy and leave it at that. Oh, no, wait – I’ll leave it at this: