O&L At A Glance

Oscar is 6 1/2.
Birthday is September 4th (a Virgo)
1st Grade at Clarendon Elementary (SFUSD)
Size 7 clothes, Size 1.5 shoe.
New Measurements coming ___.
Favorite colors are Black, Green, and Brown, in that order.
Loves weaponry, science, baseball, art and bedtime stories.
Learning a bit of Italian in school.
Highly motivated by chocolate milk.

Lucy is 2 1/2.
Birthday is October 27th (a Scorpio).
Walking since 9 ½ months.
Climbing things. Lots of skipping, galloping and jumping.
Wearing size 2T pants, but getting into 3T in everything else.
Shoe size is a 8 or 8 1/2.
Loves babies, fruit, bathtime, and the great outdoors.
Above all, loves the Little Einsteins (a.k.a. Rah-Rah) and now, Max and Ruby.

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