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First Babysit For Hank

11 Oct 2013


We had the sweetest visit today!
Madie and Hank came over, and then Madie slipped out to have a quick lunch ‘sans babe’.
Hank is so precious. I think about if I’m ‘up to the job’!
I didn’t get a chance to clean the floors, vacuum, and all the general pick up I would have done in prep for his visit! (We were gone all weekend and I didn’t have time.)
Trying to remember my own kids at his age (2 1/2 mos) is foggy. I have a vague recollection of passing them off on Madie (Cole & Kiera too!) Not sure if they felt the same as I do with Hank, but I do know that I’m excited to return the favor! I just love the whole thing. Hanging out with my awesome little nephew is what’s it’s all about!!

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First Day Of School – Lucy

19 Aug 2013

Lucy goes to school in the afternoons. I used to think that kids should go to school in the morning, on principle or something, so Oscar always went for the AM program. I’m no longer hung up on that arbitrary concept, and we enjoy the PM program as a paragon (fancy word in honor of b2s).
Lucy and I enjoy quiet mornings together. Then she heads to Laurel Hill at 1pm.
(This year she will go at noon on Mondays and Wednesdays)

This is the classic. Maybe next week I’ll go back, find more of these, and do a round up.

Vibrant in her pink. The skirt-under-dress is a Lucy fashion staple.

Zosia, Desmond, Lu and Ivy

There was paparazzi too. It was cute to see all the parents showing up with their cameras – to get their kid photo under the sign.

Lucy is looking to find a bestie this year…

We are in Red Room this year! First year for the Cervarich’s to be Not in Yellow Room. And a New Teacher: Lynn Lampky

Kaile and Lynn- Truly a dream team!

Play Ball!

11 Mar 2013

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Our first game is in the books. It turns out that our league is really nice for a kid who’s never played before. At Oscar’s level, (“upper farm”) they don’t keep score, and each kid hits each inning. Once I saw how mellow it was, I took a deep sigh of relief. Oscar is going to have so much fun! To borrow the words of Uncle Joe, “What a thrill for them.” Joe, we’re all jealous too!

Uncle Cole took these awesome photos for us. They make the action look a little faster and crisper than it may have been.. We were laughing at the mis-match between the pro equipment and the game as it was. Still, I’m thrilled to have such a sweet account of my little guy in his first baseball game. Thank you Cole :)

This just came in – an email from our coach. I’m putting it in here because I love it.

We have two Oscars on our team. Evidently, our Oscar already has a nickname. Coach Rob gave it to him, so I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay.

Our schedule. (It’s just a screen shot so don’t expect it to pop up a cute map when you click. :)

Give us a heads up if you need some directions.