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Monday in Santa Cruz

01 May 2013

Monday, instead of sending the kids to school, Chief and I took them with us for a day trip to Santa Cruz.


The main reason for the trip was to go see Auntie HL (Helen Louise), who is Chief’s mother‘s sister. Her granddaughter Ashley (my second cousin) lives with her, and so we got to visit with her too, which was great.
Auntie HL had not met Oscar or Lucy! For that I felt terrible, but better late than never.

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Playing Hooky

05 Nov 2012

I picked up Oscar early – at lunchtime. All the kids in his class chimed out, “Oscar, your mom is here!” and Oscar looked a little ruffled. He doesn’t like unexpected appearances that much, I don’t think. Stick to the playbook, thank you.
His classmates, just coming on to the playground for recess, wanted to know where he was going.
When Lucy heard all the kids asking where he was going, she fixed up her posture, and was about to shout, “The Beach!”
when I (gently) grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with my hand. I answered, “I have an appointment”, and smiled blandly.

When we got to the car, I let Lucy tell Oscar our surprise destination.
It was all smiles from there on out.
Oh yeah, in the car, Oscar asked, “Mom? When is Winter?”

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Addendum: (or whatever):
I was missing Booker like crazy. There were so many happy labs fetching booeys. Oscar noticed it too. Crissy was the place that we took Booker the most!
Then I started missing Ava.
Then I snapped out of it because Lucy was screaming that Oscar had ruined her sand-thing. Or vice versa – I’m not sure.
We sat down together on a towel and had icy cold apple juice, and pirates booty. The kids leaned their shoulders together, and I felt better.
I’m not sayin’ anything, but I’m just sayin’.

(These were taken March 13, 2004)

Camping in Butano (Pescadero)

30 Jun 2011

Ahh, car camping with the family. One night only, and we didn’t even cook dinner. We went out to a wonderful old restaurant, Duartes (pronounced, “doo-erts”. Butano is pronounced “boot-a-noh”.) The trip was taken for Chief’s birthday (June 20th). He treated us all to the delicious dinner – crab, and lamb… and cocktails! Thanks!

It was a nice time with the family – we missed Alex – but we did talk weddings, and we ate marshmellows, and it was all very fun. (Right up until Lucy wouldn’t sleep. That took the fun right out of things.) But Oscar was a champ – no complaints, in fact he was LOVING every minute of it. His favorite part was sitting around the fire with everyone, at night, playing “Apples to Apples”.)

Most all of the camping photos here were taken by Cole or Kiera. Thanks guys! Nana, thanks for making the reservations and Helmut thanks for lending the extra tent – I guess we’re in the market for a new tent? We all got a kick out of our matching yellow domes.

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The next day we hit the beach – so pretty.