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Tree Hunting (Or, How To Obtain Your Tree In 3 Visits To One Lot)

12 Dec 2012

Oscar and I made a pact to bring home the same type of tree as we had last year. We fell in love with it’s elegant style, and we want to make this type of tree “Our Tree”.
It’s known (at this lot, anyways) as a “Silver Tip”. Grown at high elevation, it’s not cut from a tree farm, and comes in limited supply. What else can I say. It’s special, and we had to have it.

We planned for a Friday evening, and went to the same lot as last year.
Upon arrival, we had fun, acted silly, and only noticed a little later that they had ZERO Silver Tips in our desired height range (8 to 11 feet).
7 ft. was too short, and 12 ft., too $$$!

The tree people said they were getting new Silver Tips in the next evening. So we left. Lucy was heartbreakingly sweet, pointing out how many perfectly good trees there were, and how we really should bring one home. She cried. Mark looked up other lots, but no one had Silver Tips. We did a Delancey St. drive by, but they didn’t got nuthin’.
We distracted our sadness with Bi-Rite Ice Creams.

When we arrived, they said they Did have the trees we were looking for. However they were still locked on the truck, and they didn’t have the key. They said come back in an hour. What? Mark got someone to take our phone number so they could call us. We went to stall at the Stonestown mall.
Oh yeah, and when we left the lot, again, without a tree, Lucy cried.

We got the call. We arrive on the now very familiar scene. The woman said to me, “Well, we have them, but they’re not so great. Follow me.” UGH. So we walk to the back, where it’s poorly lit, and there are palates strewn around a big dark wet ditch. She picks up a perfect height Silver Tip, straight as an arrow. I say, “I’ll take it.”
(who knows what trees she had been looking at, but clearly it wasn’t ours).
By the Way, Lucy cried again, leaving the lot – this time because I wasn’t actually carrying the tree, and she thought we were leaving Again with out a tree. Now Lucy, that would be a little crazy, don’t you think?

Ta Da:

New Suits

03 May 2012

Lucy’s new bathing suit came in the mail, and she wore it all day.
After bath just now, she demanded to wear it some more!
Oscar wanted to join in.
So we let them jump on the bed…

Now all we need is some warm weather.

Ps there were so many blurry shots. Which one do you like best?

Christmas Nativity

23 Dec 2011

We finally got our Nativity scene up! I don’t think I’ve ever had this before (mom? dad? I can’t remember one…) and I thought it would be fun for Oscar. We have a couple of nativity books, and his favorite is a pop up book from Francesca Crespi.

We got our little people from a shop on Etsy. Goosegrease has really cute stuff – and I didn’t think we’d “paint our own” until I saw the diy kit for sale.

We used Oscar’s toy animals from Schleich.

The hanging angel is meant to be an ornament on the tree, but Oscar had the idea to suspend it over the manger. The barn/structure is made mostly of my “Santa Blocks” which I got from the big man when I was two.

I think I had the most fun painting the 3 wise men. Oscar did a lot of the coloring in pen, and I used those color decisions to paint. Mostly I painted over what he (and Lucy!) did, keeping their intentions when at all possible. Some of the paint colors I had weren’t as lovely as the crayola markers, so I just left it ink (the bright blue, hot pink and greens). They bled when I painted top coat over them but I worked quickly and it wasn’t too bad. We’ll see how they hold up. I loved the assortment of yellows and golds that came with the dolls. And I have lots of paint left over – what shall I paint next?

It was a super fun project and I’m so happy I found the time and got it done!

Flat Tire On Clement Street

16 Dec 2011

Let me start by saying It could have been waaaayyyy worse!

The day’s errands involved a trip to Clement, primarily to shop for live dungeness crab at Seafood Center. Parking in front of my favorite housewares and supply store was just a bonus (more on Kamei later.)

Oscar was at school, and Lucy and I had a little over an hour to spend shopping on Clement. We ducked into See’s candy, but the line was 9 people long. We left empty handed. Next we hit a Walgreen’s for some medicine for Lucy (she has athletes foot I think! poor girl). We also got some Christmas goodies, and some instant-gratification goldfish-crackers for a very peeved Lu Lu, who had seen ‘the light’ inside See’s.

Next up was the crabs, -seven of them,- for Kiera’s birthday party. They would eventually look like this:

But we weren’t there yet. The crabs were bagged up for us, (all 15 lbs. of them!), and Lucy and I headed back for the car.

To find this:

Specifically this:

I looked at my watch, iPhone, and saw it was 3:12.
My window to pick up Oscar at school is 3:25 until 3:40. Maaaaby 3:45. Shoot.
I call a taxi, my iHusband.

Mark arranges the plan – he calls Triple A and asks for a grace period on our expired service. Then he calls Omi & Opi, who come to our rescue in the form of Picking Oscar Up On Time!! Yay! So all I had to do was hang out, and watch Lucy play with the Kamei plastic stools. (She’s obsessed with stools – it was ideal.)

They’re so cheap, I almost went in and bought a stack to bring home with us – but I didn’t want to miss my man. My knight in Yellow armor..

Lucy and I watched the dude fix us all up.

I had to move the car seats to get at the tire tool, and BONUS! found my missing notebook! So Relieved!

With four Round wheels, we swung over to Omi and Opi’s house, who were just getting back home with Oscar.
Hooray! My heroes!

(For more birthday photos later that evening, head over here.)

Hunting Christmas Trees

05 Dec 2011

Really, Oscar? Nice smile.

Lot Numero Dos


We ‘Re-Fuel’: Grown-ups eat burgers, Oscar eats chocolate shake, and Lucy eats ketchup.
Back on the road again.

3rd Lot determination

4th lot, the Emerald Forest on 19th and Sloat (“hey, we’re back in SF!”)

Success! (Tree not pictured)

Finishing touches in the morning

Ps. Here’s last year’s post.