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Baking Bread

27 Aug 2013

Oscar learned to make Bread (and butter too) in his first week of school!


He brought the recipe home, and Nanu helped him make his own. It was delicious!
(full disclosure, Nanu used a second ‘rise’. This was not Nanu’s first bread rodeo.)


The kids are off to a fun start!

From Instagram:

Ps. A past version of bread at Nanu’s house.

Lucy in the Sky with Scissors

18 Apr 2013


This is a nothing post – I just want to write down a cute thing she does.

When you play RoShamBo with her,
(a.k.a. rock paper scissors)

She Always Chooses Scissors!
She acts all ready and happy to play, and then no matter what, she throws down the scissors.
Surprisingly, the game is still fun.

(does this have anything to to with her fourth self-haircut?!
She really loves scissors).

With Nanu a couple of weeks ago.. I’m retiring the Snow White gown, 2T is too small.

Under the Dome, with Nora and Charlotte

Gingerbread Houses

17 Dec 2012

Not Like Mom Used To Make.

But, still super fun. Trader Joe’s Kits have the genius of architectural gravity on their side.
You can erect the walls, raise the roof, and put the candy on with no waiting.

Nanu, thank you so much for coming over and helping me uphold the tradition!
And for bringing candy too – We just made it!
The “giant” amount of icing I made? Was just enough. (#Itoldyouso)

The kids want to eat these SO BAD.
I told them they need to wait until the evening of the 24th.

Poll: Shall I keep my word, or shall I cave early?

Party Pics – Playing Catch Up

11 Jan 2011

Just what you need – December photos in January. But Kristi graciously shared her photos with us, and I’m just getting to that disc now.
Remember those cute gift tag cookies? Here’s the party that went with them! (UPDATE: And here’s the party blogged on SweetKiera.com)

This invitation rocks!

And, click on the first thumbnail, then use your arrow key to advance.

I’m craving my Maker’s & Ginger Ale.
Thank You Cole and Kiera for hosting such a fun night!