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High School Friends Reunion

28 Dec 2012

With Kids.

We dearly missed Kristi, Hope you feel better soon!
Also Jason, and of course Allix and Stuart (a.k.a. Uncle Mac n Cheese)
who are in Scotland.
Thank you Schmidt family for hosting us! As you can see, it was an amazing day.

We did a “photo booth” – photos will be posted separately, a.s.a.p.

Holidays Are Here – With Kids

10 Nov 2011

Sarah and Antonia are in town! Their mom Nancy had a bunch of us over this week for a fun gathering.
Man do we have a lot of kids nowadays! And the crazy thing is, not all the kids are even in the photo! (think Kellys, who were there, Mollards, who were missed…)
Like Grandma Bobbie’s house, (and just a few door’s down,) Nancy & Christian’s house is big, and absorbs a lot of children. Here they are taking a break to watch a movie upstairs in the bedroom. (Grown ups are All downstairs drinking and eating deliciously).

click to enlarge.

Wine & Cheese, Birthday Edition

10 Apr 2011

We missed Maria and Patrick’s back-to-back birthdays while we were on our vacation.
Happily Maria was game for another Wine & Cheese Friday so we could catch up!

This time, Oscar got to announce a surprise cake!

Maria and I have become cake snobs. There, I said it. We’re not super proud of that, and it’s a bit inconvenient, but it’s true. That’s what addiction to Sweet Kiera will do to you. Wait. Yeah – that’s it – I’m a victim! It’s not my fault I have ‘The Next Big Thing’ living next door, and producing copious amounts of sweet perfection…

Look how nice Mikayla and Lucy play together!

And here’s a small portion of the goods Maria had for us!

AND, the cake. It’s chiffon with chocolate filling, whip cream, and beautiful soft fondant that Kiera dusted with pearlescent paintbrush strokes. The cherry blossoms were inspired by Patrick & Maria’s wedding.

The Schmidt family came over too – it was great to see them! I tend to have a glass in my hand, not the camera, so I only have these few photos. But we had a really fun time, and the kids are awesome together. Patrick made fantastic ribs (MMMMMMM!) and I don’t think I’ll be hungry again for a week.