Funny Things My Kids Say

Oscar Feb. 2011

  • {Me: How was school? What’d you do?} Oscar: “Today,     I swallowed a bug.”

Oscar Jan. 2011

  • 3 words he still gets wrong and I don’t have the heart to tell him: Morote, Li-berry, Valentime’s Day

Oscar Dec. 2010

  • I think she has hawts {hearts} floating above her head. {On Lucy, as she kisses a little Christmas doll}

Oscar Nov. 2010

  • That Sucks. {My situation whereupon my computer crashed and I hadn’t saved my work.}

Oscar Oct. ’10.

  • {What’d you eat at the carnival?} I had some of those crispy ricies.
  • Mom, can we play connect four? {Sure. Can I try to win, or should I let you win?} Ummm.. I looked in the instructions, and it says you’re supposed to let the kids win.
  • {We’re watching the Giants play the Braves and the fans in Atl. are doing the tomahawk chop.} Dad, do we do the chop too? {Dad: No.} What do the Giants do? {Dad: pause. Oscar, confident that he has figured it out:} Oh, the finger??

Oscar Sept. ’10.

  • Mom I want to watch a show with Violence. {What?? No!} But I Love violence mom, I Really Love It!
  • My favorite color used to be green, but now it’s BLACK. Black is cool guy.

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