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Chirp Chirp

06 Sep 2011

A Lucy James audio file – with lots of little nuggets in there,
including ‘Oscar’ right at the very end.

click to play:

p.s. this morning she said. “Mommy’s Coffee! Hot!”

p.p.s. Madie thinks this is noteworthy: Lucy hasn’t said Star Wars (yet) but she can do one better. When the topic comes up, in conversation, or if Oscar is playing with a Star Wars toy, Lucy will start singing the theme song. DA Na DaNA, Daa Na DaNA… She wants you to know she knows it.

Ridin’ The Rails

09 Aug 2011

Nana and Chief took Oscar to Sacramento on Amtrak yesterday. I think the visit was inspired by the trains near their new home in Emeryville. If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em.
They said the trip was easy and a lot of fun. And they took photos! These are my favorites.

Click any to see larger:

And, if thats not enough, here’s a cute voicemail Oscar left me:

[Click to play audio]

Love it. Thanks Nana & Chief!!