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A Beautiful Forest

30 Mar 2012

Lucy looked up at the cypress canopy and exclaimed with joy,
“Ooooh Mommy! What a beauuuuutiful forest!”

This is the same reverent voice she uses when she talks about magic and princesses.
(Last week she said I was “Queen Mommy”. I rather like the sound of that.)

Lucy, Oscar and Booker at JK before soccer practice. Click to enlarge.

Lucy’s First Swim Lesson

30 Jun 2011

Wow it went so great! I should have guessed. Lucy rocked it.
The lessons are at La Petit Baleen. The photos will speak for themselves. She’s such a little peanut. Cole took Lucy in, because I have a little cut I didn’t want to get wet. So, thanks so much Uncle Cole!
We scheduled Oscar and Lucy’s lessons for the exact same time. Next week I will be in the pool and not able to snap any photos – so this worked out perfectly.

click to enlarge, and advance using your arrow key.

‘Laurel’ China

05 Feb 2011

What is this? A set of vintage China? What is it doing here? Well….
I hope you’ll excuse me, but I need to put some photos “up”, somewhere, and so here they are.
(They are neither Oscar nor Lucy content! Although I could see a fun tea party in the making…)

Please click to see any of these images full size.