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Field Trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum

06 Dec 2012

I loved the space, an SF landmark at Jesse Plaza on Mission St. The building was originally built in the 1800s, but it fell in the 1906 earthquake. In 1907 it was re-built as a PG&E Power Substation (by architect Willis Polk). Unveiled in 2005, the CJM was built as a combination of the old and the new, by architect Daniel Libeskind. It is directly opposite the Yerba Buena center for the Arts, (adjacent to the Metreon at Mission and 4th.)

The kids are studying the work of Ezra Jack Keats, in honor of his award winning book, The Snowy Day, turning 50. Here’s the recap about the artist, taken from the JCM’s website:

The private tour was so deluxe! It’s a really top notch program/outreach, our class is lucky to have been chosen. In addition to studying the books and the art that went into them, the kids will be making their own books in the style of Ezra Jack Keats. Using decoupage and photo collage, they’ll learn about themes like storytelling, writing from dreams, and depicting neighborhood realism.

The rain disappeared, and were able to eat lunch outside. Yay! It was wet, but nice.

I had so much fun – what a great group of kids!

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

19 Feb 2012

(This post is late – oh well.)
Two weeks ago, maybe 3, I read Justin Morgan Had a Horse to Oscar. It took a little while, because I just read a couple of chapters each night.

The story was perfect – it’s about a young boy who grows up with a special horse in his life. It takes place in Vermont, in “the Old Days” a.k.a. the 1790s. Oscar had some trouble picturing the world the way it was then, but I think it’s important for him to get a little historical imagery. I could tell when he was having trouble understanding a concept, so I’d stop reading and explain. We talked about the way horses were used then, and I explained some words and phrases that aren’t in use anymore. I had to explain a lot, but it was okay.

The illustrations are really nice, and helped Oscar with the story. I wonder which book I should read him next?

A Week In February

12 Feb 2012

I often wonder where the early months of the year go. Ours are low-profile, and mixed with an odd assortment of things. No big parties or trips. Here is last week, roughly: an assortment.      (click on any to enlarge)

The Niners missed the Superbowl by one game. We distracted ourselves with Kiera’s chicken wings (the only wings I’ve ever loved) and Mark’s Superbowl Squares, which kinda sucks these days ’cause I don’t know enough of the players/winners.

Lucy loves Peeky-Boo, and Karen.

Cereal Beautification.

A rare Play-doh moment (I don’t like the way it smells, so I hardly ever bring it out)

Room 103 does Art for the Auction. I read this book to Oscar (over multiple nights) and had warm fuzzy flashbacks.

Opi says, “Kids, sugar is bad for you”…

…Then serves up the ice cream.

The neighbor’s shower curtain art that is driving me crazy, and Lucy sleeping, which I always love.

We make brownies, and decorate Kiera’s cookies for UJ.

Lucy’s first soccer practice, followed by playground time, with her friend Taj.

We babysit Eloise for the first time, so Lachie can take Izzie out for her birthday.


Christmas Nativity

23 Dec 2011

We finally got our Nativity scene up! I don’t think I’ve ever had this before (mom? dad? I can’t remember one…) and I thought it would be fun for Oscar. We have a couple of nativity books, and his favorite is a pop up book from Francesca Crespi.

We got our little people from a shop on Etsy. Goosegrease has really cute stuff – and I didn’t think we’d “paint our own” until I saw the diy kit for sale.

We used Oscar’s toy animals from Schleich.

The hanging angel is meant to be an ornament on the tree, but Oscar had the idea to suspend it over the manger. The barn/structure is made mostly of my “Santa Blocks” which I got from the big man when I was two.

I think I had the most fun painting the 3 wise men. Oscar did a lot of the coloring in pen, and I used those color decisions to paint. Mostly I painted over what he (and Lucy!) did, keeping their intentions when at all possible. Some of the paint colors I had weren’t as lovely as the crayola markers, so I just left it ink (the bright blue, hot pink and greens). They bled when I painted top coat over them but I worked quickly and it wasn’t too bad. We’ll see how they hold up. I loved the assortment of yellows and golds that came with the dolls. And I have lots of paint left over – what shall I paint next?

It was a super fun project and I’m so happy I found the time and got it done!