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Last Day of 2nd Grade

29 May 2013


I took this while driving him to school this morning.
I know there’s a rule about no phones while driving – what about taking photos?
Anyways, sayonara second grade – hello summer vacation!

P.s. Prudence Hull was my dream teacher. I hope we get to have her again with Lucy!

Entertainment from the Peanut Gallery

04 May 2011

Driving Oscar and Tamir home after school last week, they were having a standard conversation about what TV shows they were or weren’t allowed to watch. Or hoped to watch. I’ll spare you the run down of all the different Star Wars versions out there. Then,

Tamir: “My mom says I can’t watch any shows with violence. And, I can’t have a light beer.”

Me (laughing): “I don’t think you’d really like light beer.”

Tamir: “Yes I would, because it has more taste.”

(click to see larger)
beer images found here.