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Camp Okizu – Family Camp – Labor Day Weekend 2013

25 Sep 2013


We had SO much fun! For those of you that don’t know, Camp Okizu is a camp for families affected by childhood cancer. We first heard about it when one of our favorite UCSF nurses went to work at the oncology camp. We’ve been before and we hope to go again!

This year we were thrilled that the Reibel family could come up with us! Rosalie, a girl in Oscar’s 3rd grade class, was diagnosed with a brain tumor (medulloblastoma) when she was a baby. She’s a Rockstar!! Our families have been friends since meeting at Clarendon. I’m so proud and in awe of Rosalie! This is her website.

And so, the nine of us shared a cabin, and the two families clicked really well!
Half of these photos were taken by Mark Reibel (all the best ones if you’re wondering) and let me say it was SO nice to take the pressure off, photo-wise. It was such a treat to receive his dropbox full of awesome memories! — So – here’s back at ya Mark!

**And don’t think we were sitting around with our cameras out… I was able to “unplug” entirely,
and my phone-as-camera was mostly stashed away. ;)
We were busy the whole weekend! Okizu is a masterpiece. Special thanks to three of the kid’s most favorite counselors, ZaZa, Eggo, and Woo. (I know – don’t you love counselor names?)

>>> This link is to the SLIDESHOW of Mark and my photos: <<<

(It should play on your mobile device, but try for wi-fi!)

Stay Tuned.. There are rumors of Oscar and Rosalie’s sister, Susannah, going up together next summer for sleepaway camp!

Kauai Vacation Photos – Slideshow

07 Jul 2013

Aloha!! We had the BEST trip!
Here is the show, short and sweet.

this link:

We stayed at the Kiahuna Plantation in Poipu, on Kauai.

I really wanted to use this song for our slideshow, (‘On Top Of The World’, by Imagine Dragons,) because of a memory I have from when I was young.
My family was vacationing in Hawaii (different island) and Dad had driven the rental car out onto a big mountain top of black lava. I don’t remember other people – we had the place to ourselves. The view was incredible, and we were all really happy. The Tears For Fears song came on on the radio, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’. We opened all of the car doors so we could hear it nice and loud. It was so epic that it stuck with me: the moment, the feeling of being out there, with my family, and dancing to our own personal soundtrack. We felt like it was playing just for us! I guess now you can have any song you want at any time, but then it seemed like a small miracle.

So, when I first heard this Imagine Dragons song, I knew it would be my Hawaii song :) It was practically on repeat.
What about you? If you have any songs attached to your vacation memories, I’d love to hear!

Madie and Alex – A Year

30 Jun 2013

Click to see larger.
Photo by Cole Stipovich for Natural Light Photography

What a year it has been has flown by!
You’ve moved to Oakland and you are expecting your baby next month! Amazing.

Surprise! on this photo – I held it back on purpose so that I’d have a new one to show you today!
(Hope it’s okay and you’re not mad! Did it work like I meant it to?)

We are so happy for you both – Congratulations on your anniversary!
Love & Hugs!

P.S. It might be fun to watch your wedding slideshow again…
UPDATED! For your mobile viewing pleasure, you can now see the show on you phone, tablet, etc.

Happy 90th Birthday Nana!

26 Jan 2013

I’m so Happy for Nana! January 20th was her 90th Birthday!

Unfortunately Mark and I, and the kids, had to miss her party at the last minute! Oscar had a fever, and I had a weird allergic reaction. Lucy, for the record, was game to go with out us. She was heartbroken to miss the birthday party. So was I!

Cole took these wonderful photos, and he was awesome to let me post them here. :)
Click to see any of them a little bigger.

I think they’re watching the slideshow

Sweet Kiera made pretty rose cupcakes

With her sister, H.L.

And, here’s the little slideshow I made for the lunch:

Last but not least, a Big Thank You to Aunt Julie for organizing the party!
I heard through the grapevine it was a beautiful success.

2012 – a Year in Review (Slideshow)

03 Jan 2013

The slideshow run time is about 9 minutes…

It was so hard to edit down such a wonderful year!
Love and hugs to you all. xoxo

ps. This show is Also Available on your mobile device! Mark again performed his magic to get it there. One day maybe this won’t seem like such a feat of computing strength… Anyways, while it’s not quite as deluxe as the Flash version, it is nice to have the flexibility to see it on your iPhone or iPad.

pps. If, like Oscar, you’re yawing by June, hang in there, the music gets better. :)

The Apple Juice Tea Party

11 Nov 2012

(all photography by Cole & Kiera of Natural Light Photography)

Lucy turned Three and we had a “tea party” birthday party for her.
She got nervous ahead of time that she would actually be made to drink tea.
So we changed the name, and all was right in the universe.

Thank you, Kiera, for Bringing It with the little tea pots and monogrammed teacups!
It wouldn’t be a party without your cookies!
The tea bags with jimmies?! #cuteoverload

And thank you Cole (& Kiera too) for taking photos!
Kristi taught me a long time ago that you simply cant take pics at your own party.
It so nice to have a pro… :) Thanks, Bro.

Last, and most of all, thanks, Mark, for the tables and chairs from Laurel Hill!!
I’m sure there’s more, but let’s just get to the photos already.



Lucy had a really fun time with her girlfriends.
She was sad that Dominic didn’t join us. But she totally got that it was a girl party. She received amazingly cute and wonderful gifts, and I would blog about them, but that’s tacky. :)
Lucy did have a small ‘diva dip’ during the dancing, but otherwise she help up pretty well for having 8 guests!

Did anyone notice, in the photos, the wooden desk being used as a sideboard to hold cookies and scones? Opi and Omi completely re-furbished that desk for me! I originally received the desk as a gift from Harriet. It was a writing desk, and the top was slanted at an angle. Because of the slope, I never really used it, but it was so cute that I couldn’t part with it. One day I asked Mark’s parents if the top could be removed and replaced with a new (flat) top. They actually did one better: They used the original top, and repaired the whole thing in the process! It’s amazing – a labor of love. Thanks Omi & Opi!!

Sources: Yes, the scones were from Arizmendi. The little sweets were from Trader Joe’s. The homemade cupcakes were from a box, but the cute sugar flowers make all the difference. Also the straws, cupcake liners and plastic roses. Lucy’s dress (and later t-shirt) are J.Crew. The ‘Tea Table’ table cloths: Thank you Bobbie for lending me the cross stitch table cloth! It was *Just* the right thing! Super authentic. Underneath is just some sale yardage from Serena & Lily. We also made great use of Bobbie’s plate stackers. The toy tea set was a gift from Kristi (fisher price). Lucy loves it! The gold spoons and a couple other items were from a Kamei, restaurant supply store on Clement. The China service for 8 was borrowed from a very trusting friend. Thanks Belinda! The favors hats were cheap, so I embellished them with flowers from Forever21. Lucy’s beautiful white hat was from Blissful Bonnets. Really Nice, and it got here quick. Anything else I missed? ;)

Thanks for coming everybody! Happy Birthday Lucy! Enjoy being Three!