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Madie and Alex – A Year

30 Jun 2013

Click to see larger.
Photo by Cole Stipovich for Natural Light Photography

What a year it has been has flown by!
You’ve moved to Oakland and you are expecting your baby next month! Amazing.

Surprise! on this photo – I held it back on purpose so that I’d have a new one to show you today!
(Hope it’s okay and you’re not mad! Did it work like I meant it to?)

We are so happy for you both – Congratulations on your anniversary!
Love & Hugs!

P.S. It might be fun to watch your wedding slideshow again…
UPDATED! For your mobile viewing pleasure, you can now see the show on you phone, tablet, etc.

Happy One Year Anniversary To The Blog

01 Sep 2011

Today marks one year of the “new” website. It’s not a big deal, because lord knows there have been other incarnations of our kids’ websites. But I have a feeling we have arrived at a website with staying power.

Just a small, happy milestone, with lots more to look forward to. And y’all know how I like to look forward to things!
Hooray for OscarandLucy.com!

ps – I’d like to give a BIG shout out to WordPress for being utterly useful.

Travel Posters

12 Jun 2011

My folks are thinking of going to Venice for their 40th Wedding anniversary!
I’m getting kinda sentimental with all the love stories happening around here…
Here are Vicki and Jim (a.k.a. Nana and Chief) on their wedding day, back in 1971:

So I hope Venice works out for them! It’s one of the few Epic places in Europe they haven’t been yet!

These posters are so classic (circa 1920): (click to enlarge)

(This one is sooo pretty too, but not relevant…)