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Kristi and Her Boys – In Town

28 Jun 2013


We’ve been very low key this summer.
No Camp July, even.
Kristi has had an illness, since last November, that I don’t think I’ve mentioned here, but until she is back to her fabulous self, we are all keeping low profile. That means no big plans or pressure-ful travel getaways. It’s actually been nice to be low key, speaking for myself. I’m just glad she’s here! Kristi is slowly but surely improving, so that’s the best part. Of course we are missing our Pace Family, and Camp July – I still need to post photos from last year! Soon, I hope.
But for now, our day-to-day SF summer has the added bonus of Mollard boys in it. Which is dreamy! I pretend they are my 10 and 14 year old nephews. In the spirit of low energy days, I have been low photo-count too. There will be no slideshow, and I’m feeling like, tradition aside, it’s no big deal. So here are my lackadaisical photos, so far (They’re in town until the 10th):

Bad focus, cute kids.

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Lucy’s First Swim Lesson, Again

01 Feb 2013

Only Better.
Because I’m not in the pool…

But first, I need to include this pre-swim photo (which I am in love with!!)

And maybe another…

Ok, so the lesson.

Here is happy Lucy, floating. (the pink goggles in the middle):

The kids get ribbons to measure their progress.
The first one is the Rainbow ribbon, for general following of instructions, and putting your face in the water.
Some kids do not get this on the first day.

Here is Lucy’s real first swim lesson, and another day, with Auntie Kiera, who was then sometimes known as Bobby.
Our lessons are now Wednesdays at 11:45 if anyone wants to tag along! Happily, no suit required….

Playing Hooky

05 Nov 2012

I picked up Oscar early – at lunchtime. All the kids in his class chimed out, “Oscar, your mom is here!” and Oscar looked a little ruffled. He doesn’t like unexpected appearances that much, I don’t think. Stick to the playbook, thank you.
His classmates, just coming on to the playground for recess, wanted to know where he was going.
When Lucy heard all the kids asking where he was going, she fixed up her posture, and was about to shout, “The Beach!”
when I (gently) grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with my hand. I answered, “I have an appointment”, and smiled blandly.

When we got to the car, I let Lucy tell Oscar our surprise destination.
It was all smiles from there on out.
Oh yeah, in the car, Oscar asked, “Mom? When is Winter?”

(click on any to see larger)

(from instagram)

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Addendum: (or whatever):
I was missing Booker like crazy. There were so many happy labs fetching booeys. Oscar noticed it too. Crissy was the place that we took Booker the most!
Then I started missing Ava.
Then I snapped out of it because Lucy was screaming that Oscar had ruined her sand-thing. Or vice versa – I’m not sure.
We sat down together on a towel and had icy cold apple juice, and pirates booty. The kids leaned their shoulders together, and I felt better.
I’m not sayin’ anything, but I’m just sayin’.

(These were taken March 13, 2004)

Crissy Field Trip

18 Nov 2011

I got to go with Oscar’s class yesterday (Thanks for watching Lucy, Chief!).
It was pretty much spectacular. The weather held, perfectly. Here’s my photos, with the point-n-shoot. (Talk about the wrong camera for bird watching!) I love Oscar’s class, and this was way too much fun. Lucky us!!