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Playing Hooky

05 Nov 2012

I picked up Oscar early – at lunchtime. All the kids in his class chimed out, “Oscar, your mom is here!” and Oscar looked a little ruffled. He doesn’t like unexpected appearances that much, I don’t think. Stick to the playbook, thank you.
His classmates, just coming on to the playground for recess, wanted to know where he was going.
When Lucy heard all the kids asking where he was going, she fixed up her posture, and was about to shout, “The Beach!”
when I (gently) grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with my hand. I answered, “I have an appointment”, and smiled blandly.

When we got to the car, I let Lucy tell Oscar our surprise destination.
It was all smiles from there on out.
Oh yeah, in the car, Oscar asked, “Mom? When is Winter?”

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Addendum: (or whatever):
I was missing Booker like crazy. There were so many happy labs fetching booeys. Oscar noticed it too. Crissy was the place that we took Booker the most!
Then I started missing Ava.
Then I snapped out of it because Lucy was screaming that Oscar had ruined her sand-thing. Or vice versa – I’m not sure.
We sat down together on a towel and had icy cold apple juice, and pirates booty. The kids leaned their shoulders together, and I felt better.
I’m not sayin’ anything, but I’m just sayin’.

(These were taken March 13, 2004)

Goodbye to Booker

24 Aug 2012

We had to say goodbye to Booker this morning. He was 13 1/2 years old. We called him the Gold Standard of Dogs.

He was with us when we got married, saw us have 3 children, and helped us when we lost Ava to cancer. He helped our cat Cairo pick fights, but not finish them. He partnered with his brother Hoot for everything: walks, tug-of-wars, begging shenanigans. He especially loved his papa, Chief.

Booker was a country dog living in the city. He patrolled sidewalks, and fetched the paper. He politely declined the endeavors of strangers. We taught him fun tricks: G.I. Joe, Bang bang, and The cookie on the nose. Our friends teased us when we brought him with us everywhere: work, the beach, the lacrosse field, AT&T park, dinner parties, road trips. When he got older, he took himself for walks in Golden Gate Park. (yeah, not our favorite, and how on Earth he crossed Oak street we’ll never know.) He swam and fetched like he was born to it. He loved it. He even swam in the Eel river with us less than two weeks ago. I loved swimming next to him, and racing him for the stick.

Booker was the best dog, ever.
We joked that this was a good thing, because I might get rid of him if he were any less. The truth is I loved him, Everyone loved him, and we always will.
No one lives forever, and I am going to focus on what a gift his long life was.

Weekend in Sebastopol

30 Apr 2012

A sunny and warm weekend!

We are off to Kathy’s (next door).

The pool was so quiet you could hear the bees buzzing around the lavender.

Kathy leant Oscar some fun goggles.

Goofing off

A wild turkey, who made a break for it when I showed up.

Happy Booker

My favorite shot of the weekend – click this one to see large

Omi was excited to see all her iris in bloom

The tomato field, prepped for planting

My favorite – I mean really, giant yellow farm roses? Whats not to love?

Giving the dollies a tour

The apple trees are still in bloom

Meet Jake. He belongs to a neighbor.

Teenager Chickens

Oscar can’t quite catch one yet, so Mark helped. I think it’s great when the kids can pet the chickens.

The pony

Friendly butterfly

As close as he could get :)