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Lucy’s Blue Ribbon

29 May 2013


Just in the nick of time!
Today was our last swim class, for the summer, and? Not sure.
Happily, Katrina got Lucy to her blue ribbon, just in time.
At the blue level, swimmers can complete five “Up-Faces” (face forward breaths) in a horizontal swimming position, can climb out of the pool, and do sit-jumps back in.

(I know I have a post for Oscar’s blue ribbon – but I can’t seen to find it. When I locate it, I’ll put the link here.)

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Lucy’s First Swim Lesson, Again

01 Feb 2013

Only Better.
Because I’m not in the pool…

But first, I need to include this pre-swim photo (which I am in love with!!)

And maybe another…

Ok, so the lesson.

Here is happy Lucy, floating. (the pink goggles in the middle):

The kids get ribbons to measure their progress.
The first one is the Rainbow ribbon, for general following of instructions, and putting your face in the water.
Some kids do not get this on the first day.

Here is Lucy’s real first swim lesson, and another day, with Auntie Kiera, who was then sometimes known as Bobby.
Our lessons are now Wednesdays at 11:45 if anyone wants to tag along! Happily, no suit required….