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2nd Grade Camping Trip

21 May 2013

Can you see the deer?

The Clarendon second grade descended on Cloverdale for our 2nd annual camping trip.
(Which happens to fall on Mothers Day Weekend…
A great big spider greeted me on mother’s day morning, but that’s a story I’ll just skip.)

We all had lots of fun, Lucy came with us this year, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

Auction Art and Otherwise

02 Mar 2013

I finished my school Group Art Project last weekend, so I had a calm week. A giant thank you to Cheap Peet’s Asst. Manager Benjamin, for framing our artwork so quickly! Now I’m looking forward to tonight’s spending spree (ahem, ‘school auction’). It’s for a good cause: our childs’s public school education. Wanna buy a raffle ticket? Just kidding.

This is the collage I made, that will be up for auction (click to see it larger). Below are snapshots of the process, and a description:

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Field Trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum

06 Dec 2012

I loved the space, an SF landmark at Jesse Plaza on Mission St. The building was originally built in the 1800s, but it fell in the 1906 earthquake. In 1907 it was re-built as a PG&E Power Substation (by architect Willis Polk). Unveiled in 2005, the CJM was built as a combination of the old and the new, by architect Daniel Libeskind. It is directly opposite the Yerba Buena center for the Arts, (adjacent to the Metreon at Mission and 4th.)

The kids are studying the work of Ezra Jack Keats, in honor of his award winning book, The Snowy Day, turning 50. Here’s the recap about the artist, taken from the JCM’s website:

The private tour was so deluxe! It’s a really top notch program/outreach, our class is lucky to have been chosen. In addition to studying the books and the art that went into them, the kids will be making their own books in the style of Ezra Jack Keats. Using decoupage and photo collage, they’ll learn about themes like storytelling, writing from dreams, and depicting neighborhood realism.

The rain disappeared, and were able to eat lunch outside. Yay! It was wet, but nice.

I had so much fun – what a great group of kids!

Community Arts and Science Day

22 May 2012

I really like this day at school – it’s executed extremely well, and everyone gets to enjoy a great day. Last year I volunteered to be a chaperone of a group, and was happy to do it again!


Waffle making, and eating

Nasty: “Owl Pellets” really means rodent remains

Salsa Dancing with Barbara!

The parents get treated to the most delicious udon, made by parents on site.

Oscar did his first Egg Drop, with Brayden!

This is the entry, made 2 days earlier.

This is what’s inside

I didn’t hang around for the actual drop, but here is the text info between me and Brayden’s mom, Belinda ;)