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Lucy’s First Swim Lesson, Again

01 Feb 2013

Only Better.
Because I’m not in the pool…

But first, I need to include this pre-swim photo (which I am in love with!!)

And maybe another…

Ok, so the lesson.

Here is happy Lucy, floating. (the pink goggles in the middle):

The kids get ribbons to measure their progress.
The first one is the Rainbow ribbon, for general following of instructions, and putting your face in the water.
Some kids do not get this on the first day.

Here is Lucy’s real first swim lesson, and another day, with Auntie Kiera, who was then sometimes known as Bobby.
Our lessons are now Wednesdays at 11:45 if anyone wants to tag along! Happily, no suit required….

4th of July Weekend in the Country

06 Jul 2011

We enjoyed a 4 day weekend in Sebastopol and also Healdsburg, where we saw our old friends the Rueds. Their place is so beautiful and the girls are just lovely! We need to go up there more often! :)

click any photo to see larger

Just like old times…

We also got to welcome Fiona, (yay!) Oscar & Lucy’s cousin who lives in Texas. She’s out for a few weeks, and her sister Ciara will join her on the 29th when she’s done with soccer. We swam, barbequed, rode the tractor, enjoyed the garden, and generally tried to stay cool – it was in the 90s! We ate dinner outside, and it was agreed that we should do that more often! Thanks for such a great time Omi &Opi!

Lucy’s First Swim Lesson

30 Jun 2011

Wow it went so great! I should have guessed. Lucy rocked it.
The lessons are at La Petit Baleen. The photos will speak for themselves. She’s such a little peanut. Cole took Lucy in, because I have a little cut I didn’t want to get wet. So, thanks so much Uncle Cole!
We scheduled Oscar and Lucy’s lessons for the exact same time. Next week I will be in the pool and not able to snap any photos – so this worked out perfectly.

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