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Japanese Butterfly Princess Party

12 Nov 2013


Lucy was sooooo excited for her party, and we all had a fun time with the theme. Kristi sent so much good stuff in the mail – like the beautiful wings and wands. I had fun baking cookies and cake, and making little doll princesses. The girls were all adorable. And we had Hank! So, yay. Happy Fourth Birthday Lucy!

May 7th

07 May 2012

Our sweet Ava baby would be nine today. Lucy and I went out for peonies. (And a haircut.) They didn’t have the pink ones I wanted. They has some tiny dark pink ones, that weren’t open yet. So I went with the white. It’s fine, right?

I love the wrapping. It’s always my temptation to leave them in the paper.

Shall I photoshop them pink?

A PRETTY butterfly from Auntie Kristi ♥

Running with a lollipop?!

Cady sent me these pics – isn’t she sweet! And – that is exactly the right pink peony. I’ll make sure to call in my order ahead next year (10!)

Tonight we are going out to dinner down the street – Ragazza. I want to try out their back patio. After, we’ll tear into these:

Kiera and Cole came over for breakfast. SK surprised us with these classic lovelies! ♥!

Weekend in Sebastopol

30 Apr 2012

A sunny and warm weekend!

We are off to Kathy’s (next door).

The pool was so quiet you could hear the bees buzzing around the lavender.

Kathy leant Oscar some fun goggles.

Goofing off

A wild turkey, who made a break for it when I showed up.

Happy Booker

My favorite shot of the weekend – click this one to see large

Omi was excited to see all her iris in bloom

The tomato field, prepped for planting

My favorite – I mean really, giant yellow farm roses? Whats not to love?

Giving the dollies a tour

The apple trees are still in bloom

Meet Jake. He belongs to a neighbor.

Teenager Chickens

Oscar can’t quite catch one yet, so Mark helped. I think it’s great when the kids can pet the chickens.

The pony

Friendly butterfly

As close as he could get :)

Mothers Day 2011

09 May 2011

I think Mothers Day is better than my birthday.
It’s the same “hook up” but with out the aging!

Oscar drew me a card:

and wrote a lot of nice things!

Mark gave me a very sentimental gift! And it was a surprise, too.
The first time I saw it was while shopping in Denver last summer with Kristi and Melissa.
It was love at first sight, but I did not think I would ever see it again.
I guess I got a little help from my friends! Thanks you guys! xoxo

Smart Lucy

16 Sep 2010

This morning, after we got back from dropping Oscar at school, Lucy was playing around in my room while I tried a 5 minute tidy-up (yeah right.) She was over in the corner by “Mark’s side” – something akin to the dark side. I don’t go over there if I can help it. Lucy used baby talk or whatever to get my attention; she had something to show me. She was holding in her hands a felt butterfly that was left over from when I remade her mobile that hangs over her crib.

“Oh”, I said, “where did that come from?” (I don’t actually know, but it doesn’t matter.) Lucy knew, though. She walked all the way into her room, “talking” and pointing the whole time. She held up the butterfly to show me that – at last – she got one of the butterflies. And she wanted me to know she knew. She was so happy with her find! (I never let her grab then for fear she’d rip the thing down.)

I was thrilled, and ran to grab my camera. I generally don’t take photos in her room because the light is so terrible. All the photos come out dungeon-esque and I don’t want to remember her room like that! Now that I re-read my sentence I feel a little neurotic, but there you have it. Anyways, here’s the pics: