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Christmas Eve 2012

26 Dec 2012

This year’s Christmas Eve was Perfect! We had such a nice night. Inge and Gesa brought over fresh crab for dinner, and a huge Boudin sourdough crab to match!
We had German sausages and pretzels, and just the right kind of mustard.
There were beautiful gifts exchanged, and everyone was happy and healthy.

Hunting Christmas Trees

05 Dec 2011

Really, Oscar? Nice smile.

Lot Numero Dos


We ‘Re-Fuel’: Grown-ups eat burgers, Oscar eats chocolate shake, and Lucy eats ketchup.
Back on the road again.

3rd Lot determination

4th lot, the Emerald Forest on 19th and Sloat (“hey, we’re back in SF!”)

Success! (Tree not pictured)

Finishing touches in the morning

Ps. Here’s last year’s post.

Arts & Crafts With Glitter

25 Nov 2010

Oscar and I made Christmas ornaments from acorns that we found this fall at Camp Okizu.
We also purchased some little wood star shapes at the Hobby Co, and a couple of mini white pumpkins at the market down the street.

The big black table is still up in the living room from Lucy’s birthday party. I love having a space to do projects, wrap presents and generally spread out. For now, the table is here to stay!
Here is a snap of the glittered items drying. The glitter got everywhere!

The tops naturally came off a lot of the acorns. That made it convenient to glitter the tops seperately, and not get the bottom part of the acorn messy.

The idea to make the acorns was heavily inspired by these acorns on Etsy:

So, we painted glue, sprinkled glitter, and drilled little holes for the ribbon.

Soon, we had pretty little ornaments.

Ps. Oscar wants me to add the following story. We picked the pinecone off of a tree growing near Oscar’s school. We were walking back to the car, after school, and I found one I could reach. He was delighted and mildly alarmed to discover an inchworm living in the pinecone! After about 45 seconds he decided he didn’t want the native inhabitant anymore. I told him I didn’t want it, plus I was driving. The solution was to put the little bug out the window. “Did you put it out?” I asked. “Yeah. I think so.”
(the end)

Bring on the Holidays!