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Christmas Eve 2012

26 Dec 2012

This year’s Christmas Eve was Perfect! We had such a nice night. Inge and Gesa brought over fresh crab for dinner, and a huge Boudin sourdough crab to match!
We had German sausages and pretzels, and just the right kind of mustard.
There were beautiful gifts exchanged, and everyone was happy and healthy.

Lucy is 3 – Plus 2 Carnivals and Soccer

28 Oct 2012

So many photos. I’m sorry but I’m just going to dump them in a virtual pile.
There is no way to do captions like this, but if you have a question, ask it in the comment section and I’ll reply.

ps –
Oscar learned to play Happy Birthday on the piano. Here is an early recording:

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec 2011

Here are our pics from this Christmas Morning – I have many more to come, but this will serve for now!
ps. Lucy is sick, with a head cold and fever. :( She stayed home with me, while the guys went to Church.

The cold notwithstanding, we are so happy this year, and thankful for all that we have – people as well as things! ♥
Big hugs to you and yours!!
xo, Vale

June 2nd (HB2Me)

03 Jun 2011

I had a very happy birthday. (click any to enlarge)

Oscar woke me up to this card, which is specially designed for me – No Purple.

And,he wore my favorite t-shirt, even though he “doesn’t prefer it”. That’s a flower petal for me!

We sat in the backyard and enjoyed the sun. What could be better? Oscar took this shot.

Oh, hello neighbors! It’s Georgia’s birthday too – her first.
And did you know, asymmetrical shoulders are all the rage in onsies.
Lucy’s gift to me was a double long nap!

Happy Hour

Not pictured: Nana and Chief, Madie & Alex, Cole & Kiera, Mark & Vale. Thanks for spoiling me guys!

Kiera made these!

Oscar looked up and spotted me this beauty. Which was even more fitting because of something he said earlier in the day. We had been watering the flowers, and making rainbows in the spray. He said, “Mom, rainbows are especially good on your birthday”.

Family tradition: put your ring around a candle, and when the candles are blown out, you get a wish too.

The little ones were on ice cream cake alert. (‘fishfood’!)

Also, not pictured, All the birthday phone calls and cute facebook wishes. The spectacular gifts, which I adore (and Kristi – the surprise present?! OMG.) The flowers of Perfect color. Even the magazine subscription. Thanks everyone – I felt really loved! xoxo