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Playing Hooky

05 Nov 2012

I picked up Oscar early – at lunchtime. All the kids in his class chimed out, “Oscar, your mom is here!” and Oscar looked a little ruffled. He doesn’t like unexpected appearances that much, I don’t think. Stick to the playbook, thank you.
His classmates, just coming on to the playground for recess, wanted to know where he was going.
When Lucy heard all the kids asking where he was going, she fixed up her posture, and was about to shout, “The Beach!”
when I (gently) grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with my hand. I answered, “I have an appointment”, and smiled blandly.

When we got to the car, I let Lucy tell Oscar our surprise destination.
It was all smiles from there on out.
Oh yeah, in the car, Oscar asked, “Mom? When is Winter?”

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(from instagram)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Addendum: (or whatever):
I was missing Booker like crazy. There were so many happy labs fetching booeys. Oscar noticed it too. Crissy was the place that we took Booker the most!
Then I started missing Ava.
Then I snapped out of it because Lucy was screaming that Oscar had ruined her sand-thing. Or vice versa – I’m not sure.
We sat down together on a towel and had icy cold apple juice, and pirates booty. The kids leaned their shoulders together, and I felt better.
I’m not sayin’ anything, but I’m just sayin’.

(These were taken March 13, 2004)

Lucy is 3 – Plus 2 Carnivals and Soccer

28 Oct 2012

So many photos. I’m sorry but I’m just going to dump them in a virtual pile.
There is no way to do captions like this, but if you have a question, ask it in the comment section and I’ll reply.

ps –
Oscar learned to play Happy Birthday on the piano. Here is an early recording:

Carnival Costumes

27 Oct 2012

Oscar wanted something festive that wasn’t his REAL costume that he will wear on Halloween (Wednesday).
Lucy just wanted to get her hands on the grass skirt and bikini top that I was trying to hold back.
SO today they had a little fun with these… And I snapped these shots as we were headed out the door.


– “GIRL” –

Sources: Everyone wanted to know where I got such a great grass skirt. You’d never guess. And Oscar is wearing an unknown label hand-me-down dress from Clarice. It’s a size 5, and now it will go back into the storage bin of clothes that are waiting for Lucy.

Gangnam Style (Giants are up 2-0 in Series)

26 Oct 2012

The latest craze (song) out there is Gangnam Style.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s this:

Kinda ridiculous, but totally fun.
However I’m not trying to blog this. (even though I just did – Boom.)
I’m actually trying share a moment from Oscar’s day..

Thursday’s routine has me doing my “workday” at laurel hill.
(Today I snapped these:)

MEANWHILE, across town, Oscar gets out of school. He goes to chess club for an hour, which he loves (yay!) from 3:30 to 4:30.
After that, my friend Belinda brings her son Brayden, plus Oscar and Shayan, and Brayden’s twin sister Kayleigh, across town to JK for soccer practice.
(and this saves me the cross town trip so I luvvvvv her)…
We’re soccer moms together.

Tonight, AFTER THE GIANTS WON, AGAIN, I remembered something, so I texted her. Here is the convo:

(Did I mention the World Series?!?
MadBum was crazy good!
or should I say…. Num Num style)