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Gangnam Style (Giants are up 2-0 in Series)

26 Oct 2012

The latest craze (song) out there is Gangnam Style.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s this:

Kinda ridiculous, but totally fun.
However I’m not trying to blog this. (even though I just did – Boom.)
I’m actually trying share a moment from Oscar’s day..

Thursday’s routine has me doing my “workday” at laurel hill.
(Today I snapped these:)

MEANWHILE, across town, Oscar gets out of school. He goes to chess club for an hour, which he loves (yay!) from 3:30 to 4:30.
After that, my friend Belinda brings her son Brayden, plus Oscar and Shayan, and Brayden’s twin sister Kayleigh, across town to JK for soccer practice.
(and this saves me the cross town trip so I luvvvvv her)…
We’re soccer moms together.

Tonight, AFTER THE GIANTS WON, AGAIN, I remembered something, so I texted her. Here is the convo:

(Did I mention the World Series?!?
MadBum was crazy good!
or should I say…. Num Num style)

Community Arts and Science Day

22 May 2012

I really like this day at school – it’s executed extremely well, and everyone gets to enjoy a great day. Last year I volunteered to be a chaperone of a group, and was happy to do it again!


Waffle making, and eating

Nasty: “Owl Pellets” really means rodent remains

Salsa Dancing with Barbara!

The parents get treated to the most delicious udon, made by parents on site.

Oscar did his first Egg Drop, with Brayden!

This is the entry, made 2 days earlier.

This is what’s inside

I didn’t hang around for the actual drop, but here is the text info between me and Brayden’s mom, Belinda ;)