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Playgroup Birthday Party – 8!

17 Sep 2013


We had such a wonderful time at Renee and Mikes! They happen to live in my dream house – it’s cool, they’re just saving it for me.
The kids still love each other. Well, the moms do, and the kids are happy.
It was so good to see everyone on a beautiful sunshine-y day.
(here are my iPhone snapshots – all of them complete afterthoughts, or back ups to the better cameras in attendance.)

Thank you again Renee!!!

Lucy is 3 – Plus 2 Carnivals and Soccer

28 Oct 2012

So many photos. I’m sorry but I’m just going to dump them in a virtual pile.
There is no way to do captions like this, but if you have a question, ask it in the comment section and I’ll reply.

ps –
Oscar learned to play Happy Birthday on the piano. Here is an early recording:

Playgroup Birthday Party – The Big Five

15 Sep 2010

Our beloved playgroup kids have all turned five this year! Such a great milestone. We had a potluck party for them on Sunday. I didn’t take pictures (well, one.) I was too busy enjoying myself and as Oscar says, “chit-chatting” with the parents. The weather held; not great but not bad. Highlights included Anya’s gorgeous T’s as party favors, and Shelly’s “Spin Art” machine that was a great break from the jump house. By the way – Rossi Annex – Who knew? Oh, and Mark brought his mini TV so we could watch the Giants beat the Padres to tie for the lead in the pennant race. As always, click to see the photos bigger.

I will put more photos here if I get any from other parents.