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Halloween Costumes

29 Oct 2013


These were taken on Saturday, which is our annual Halloween Party at the preschool.
This year the real Halloween falls on a Thursday, and we are excited for trick-or-treating, but it won’t be such a fashion show. If I predict correctly, it will be a race to get out there in costume, a race to get candy with maybe a few clicks of the iphone, and then a race to get the kids into bed.
In any case, here’s this year’s efforts. I give you Elvis, and Rapunzel.

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First Day Of School – Lucy

19 Aug 2013

Lucy goes to school in the afternoons. I used to think that kids should go to school in the morning, on principle or something, so Oscar always went for the AM program. I’m no longer hung up on that arbitrary concept, and we enjoy the PM program as a paragon (fancy word in honor of b2s).
Lucy and I enjoy quiet mornings together. Then she heads to Laurel Hill at 1pm.
(This year she will go at noon on Mondays and Wednesdays)

This is the classic. Maybe next week I’ll go back, find more of these, and do a round up.

Vibrant in her pink. The skirt-under-dress is a Lucy fashion staple.

Zosia, Desmond, Lu and Ivy

There was paparazzi too. It was cute to see all the parents showing up with their cameras – to get their kid photo under the sign.

Lucy is looking to find a bestie this year…

We are in Red Room this year! First year for the Cervarich’s to be Not in Yellow Room. And a New Teacher: Lynn Lampky

Kaile and Lynn- Truly a dream team!

Lucy in the Sky with Scissors

18 Apr 2013


This is a nothing post – I just want to write down a cute thing she does.

When you play RoShamBo with her,
(a.k.a. rock paper scissors)

She Always Chooses Scissors!
She acts all ready and happy to play, and then no matter what, she throws down the scissors.
Surprisingly, the game is still fun.

(does this have anything to to with her fourth self-haircut?!
She really loves scissors).

With Nanu a couple of weeks ago.. I’m retiring the Snow White gown, 2T is too small.

Under the Dome, with Nora and Charlotte

Lucy’s 3yr Check Up

30 Nov 2012

This post is long over due! I like to do an update post every birthday / Dr. Visit.

We had perfect check up with Dr. Ernster, back on 10/31.
Lucy was 32.5 lbs. (about 75%)
and 37 inches which is totally average.
Dr. Ernster made her promise to eat more vegetables.
He warned her never to cut her own hair, and she almost cried.
She got a flue shot and didn’t cry (only said, “OW!” – she can be tough that way).

This is one of her favorite shirts, which I got her for her birthday.
She is a size 3T, and her shoes are about a 9. Don’t get me started on her and shoes. It’s shoe-crazytown around here.

Her first artwork, brought home from school, ever!

Motor skills, check!

Kiera let Lucy decorate some cookies. No big deal, no giant effort. I think that’s priceless.

This was today’s classroom project.. All I can say is better ‘there’ than ‘here’!

Dominic has competition nowadays. I’m totally just kidding of course. But Lucy and Finnegan really like hanging out. Today, the two boys were literally jockeying for position. Long story short, it’s no big deal at all, but I loved Mark’s quote best of all,
“This doesn’t bode well”.