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Kiera’s ChristmasBirthday Party

18 Dec 2012

A couple of random iPhone snaps to remember the awesomeness of the night.

Oh YOU KNOW there were some amazing Christmas cookies…

Awww. (Behind Chief you can see the photobooth backdrop)

Surprise Guest! UJ!
Whaaat!? Such a fun surprise!
And we got Aunt Pam on the phone, and it was some great Gott family love.

You might want to know,
There are much better photos over here at (the
NEW & IMPROVED) Natural Light Photography Website!

We put the kids down in Kiera & Cole’s bed so we could stay longer…

Fun times. Happy Holidays, and the best year ever (twentynine!) and a new
apartment layout, and festive jammies, Cherry M&Ms?!, ancient rap reggae, best friends, family, and a new NLP website…

dare I say?

Midsummer Night’s Dream – An Engagement Party

15 Aug 2011

This weekend we had ourselves a bash! Here are the photos – I have to admit they are badly one-sided, with not enough of Alex’s people! (I didn’t take any photos, and the old adage is true – you never take good photos at your own party. So, that’s my disclaimer.) Alex’s mom, Becky, was our generous and gracious co-host. This gorgeous place is her garden.

Alex and Madie were adorable, the desserts were wonderful, the drinks were flowing, the fire was roaring, the lights were twinkling, the roses were fragrant, the laughter was happy… Let the wedding planning begin!

Lucy’s First Birthday – Party Slideshow

08 Nov 2010

I’m very excited to share our party photos! Many thanks to Kiera for all her planning and baking – we had fun! Read about this on her blog too! – and to Kristi for sending love and supplies from afar. Also to Cole and Madie, for midnight sugar, the gorgeous cherry tree, and for giving Lucy something to eat. Best quote of the day came from Amanda, who grinned and shouted, “I want to live here!” What a compliment! And I can’t believe our little Lucy is One!!