May 7th

07 May 2012

Our sweet Ava baby would be nine today. Lucy and I went out for peonies. (And a haircut.) They didn’t have the pink ones I wanted. They has some tiny dark pink ones, that weren’t open yet. So I went with the white. It’s fine, right?

I love the wrapping. It’s always my temptation to leave them in the paper.

Shall I photoshop them pink?

A PRETTY butterfly from Auntie Kristi ♥

Running with a lollipop?!

Cady sent me these pics – isn’t she sweet! And – that is exactly the right pink peony. I’ll make sure to call in my order ahead next year (10!)

Tonight we are going out to dinner down the street – Ragazza. I want to try out their back patio. After, we’ll tear into these:

Kiera and Cole came over for breakfast. SK surprised us with these classic lovelies! ♥!

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