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Isabella’s Birthday Party

12 Dec 2012

I just so happened to ABSOLUTELY LOVE this party.
Isabella turned Seven! The party was held at American Gymnastics Club, and even though Lucy was the littlest kid there – she was SO into it. (I would love to know what she was thinking in her head. Probably, something along the lines of, “can I move in!?”) She was shy for about 59 seconds, then she jumped to it.

Sweet Kiera made the cake – Rainbow! With Fondant Icing! And soooooo delicious.
(Here’s her post.)
Thanks for having us, Kelly Family! xoxo

PS. This is a phone snapshot (Instagram) of Oscar and Isabella after watching City Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker, at the Palace of Fine Arts, the day before.

June 2nd (HB2Me)

03 Jun 2011

I had a very happy birthday. (click any to enlarge)

Oscar woke me up to this card, which is specially designed for me – No Purple.

And,he wore my favorite t-shirt, even though he “doesn’t prefer it”. That’s a flower petal for me!

We sat in the backyard and enjoyed the sun. What could be better? Oscar took this shot.

Oh, hello neighbors! It’s Georgia’s birthday too – her first.
And did you know, asymmetrical shoulders are all the rage in onsies.
Lucy’s gift to me was a double long nap!

Happy Hour

Not pictured: Nana and Chief, Madie & Alex, Cole & Kiera, Mark & Vale. Thanks for spoiling me guys!

Kiera made these!

Oscar looked up and spotted me this beauty. Which was even more fitting because of something he said earlier in the day. We had been watering the flowers, and making rainbows in the spray. He said, “Mom, rainbows are especially good on your birthday”.

Family tradition: put your ring around a candle, and when the candles are blown out, you get a wish too.

The little ones were on ice cream cake alert. (‘fishfood’!)

Also, not pictured, All the birthday phone calls and cute facebook wishes. The spectacular gifts, which I adore (and Kristi – the surprise present?! OMG.) The flowers of Perfect color. Even the magazine subscription. Thanks everyone – I felt really loved! xoxo

Spring Break Roadtrip

28 Mar 2011

[So.Cal] I am blogging from the road. Very cool. Except I am on a laptop and I’m kinda tragic on laptops. That’s less cool. I am taking twice the time (due to everything being so foreign,) and writing half the post. Consider this the first installment of a series.
We loved Bakersfield, and now we’re staying with our Crvarich cousins in San Juan Capistrano. YAY! Disneyland is Tuesday, and we’ll roll into San Diego Wednesday.
The kids are having so much fun – it’s really cute.

As photos are the most time consuming part, you only get three. But they’re a good three: