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Lucy’s Ballerina Party

05 Nov 2011

A Huge Thank you to Matisse and Cora, our beautiful ballerinas, for making our party so fun and lovely!
Thank you to Jeanette for sending adorable ballet cookies, post haste! My other hero at the post office is Fairy Godmother Kristi, who sent the party favors – as you can see, they were way too cute.
Thank you to Cole and Kiera, for taking such pretty pictures – without which there would be no show (You can never take photos at your own party). I loved the party! Lucy did too – ” ‘Allerina Party! Cakes! Big Party!”
Last, Thanks Honey (Mark), for driving around, getting those huge pink balloons, and most importantly, for putting up the ballet barre in our living room (a.k.a. the dance studio), which totally passed the ballerina test. Hooray! You rock. xxoo

Click on the party invitation to see the slideshow:

( –You need Flash to view this!– )


____Update 11/12/11_____

Cutest comments from Cora’s FB page, when she made this photo her profile pic.

June 2nd (HB2Me)

03 Jun 2011

I had a very happy birthday. (click any to enlarge)

Oscar woke me up to this card, which is specially designed for me – No Purple.

And,he wore my favorite t-shirt, even though he “doesn’t prefer it”. That’s a flower petal for me!

We sat in the backyard and enjoyed the sun. What could be better? Oscar took this shot.

Oh, hello neighbors! It’s Georgia’s birthday too – her first.
And did you know, asymmetrical shoulders are all the rage in onsies.
Lucy’s gift to me was a double long nap!

Happy Hour

Not pictured: Nana and Chief, Madie & Alex, Cole & Kiera, Mark & Vale. Thanks for spoiling me guys!

Kiera made these!

Oscar looked up and spotted me this beauty. Which was even more fitting because of something he said earlier in the day. We had been watering the flowers, and making rainbows in the spray. He said, “Mom, rainbows are especially good on your birthday”.

Family tradition: put your ring around a candle, and when the candles are blown out, you get a wish too.

The little ones were on ice cream cake alert. (‘fishfood’!)

Also, not pictured, All the birthday phone calls and cute facebook wishes. The spectacular gifts, which I adore (and Kristi – the surprise present?! OMG.) The flowers of Perfect color. Even the magazine subscription. Thanks everyone – I felt really loved! xoxo