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Kauai Vacation Photos – Slideshow

07 Jul 2013

Aloha!! We had the BEST trip!
Here is the show, short and sweet.

this link:

We stayed at the Kiahuna Plantation in Poipu, on Kauai.

I really wanted to use this song for our slideshow, (‘On Top Of The World’, by Imagine Dragons,) because of a memory I have from when I was young.
My family was vacationing in Hawaii (different island) and Dad had driven the rental car out onto a big mountain top of black lava. I don’t remember other people – we had the place to ourselves. The view was incredible, and we were all really happy. The Tears For Fears song came on on the radio, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’. We opened all of the car doors so we could hear it nice and loud. It was so epic that it stuck with me: the moment, the feeling of being out there, with my family, and dancing to our own personal soundtrack. We felt like it was playing just for us! I guess now you can have any song you want at any time, but then it seemed like a small miracle.

So, when I first heard this Imagine Dragons song, I knew it would be my Hawaii song :) It was practically on repeat.
What about you? If you have any songs attached to your vacation memories, I’d love to hear!