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First Babysit For Hank

11 Oct 2013


We had the sweetest visit today!
Madie and Hank came over, and then Madie slipped out to have a quick lunch ‘sans babe’.
Hank is so precious. I think about if I’m ‘up to the job’!
I didn’t get a chance to clean the floors, vacuum, and all the general pick up I would have done in prep for his visit! (We were gone all weekend and I didn’t have time.)
Trying to remember my own kids at his age (2 1/2 mos) is foggy. I have a vague recollection of passing them off on Madie (Cole & Kiera too!) Not sure if they felt the same as I do with Hank, but I do know that I’m excited to return the favor! I just love the whole thing. Hanging out with my awesome little nephew is what’s it’s all about!!

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New Cousin: Hank James Rice

27 Jul 2013


Hank James Rice was born on July 25th… If you guessed 9 pounds (like I did) you’d be really close: he was 9lbs, 1oz. The delivery went really well and Madie is feeling good! Alex is a proud and loving papa. Hank is a sweetheart – We can tell already. Isn’t he adorable?!



He has beautiful thick blonde hair. We’re all gaga over it.



Email me if you need Madie and Alex’s new address!