First Babysit For Hank

11 Oct 2013


We had the sweetest visit today!
Madie and Hank came over, and then Madie slipped out to have a quick lunch ‘sans babe’.
Hank is so precious. I think about if I’m ‘up to the job’!
I didn’t get a chance to clean the floors, vacuum, and all the general pick up I would have done in prep for his visit! (We were gone all weekend and I didn’t have time.)
Trying to remember my own kids at his age (2 1/2 mos) is foggy. I have a vague recollection of passing them off on Madie (Cole & Kiera too!) Not sure if they felt the same as I do with Hank, but I do know that I’m excited to return the favor! I just love the whole thing. Hanging out with my awesome little nephew is what’s it’s all about!!

First, before Madie left, we called Uncle Cole on the ipad, for FaceTime. It’s his birthday today! Happy 29th Birthday Cole!! (If you have that screen shot handy, send it. We forgot to take one of you!) 29 is the best year ever, the year you will always want to be! Live it up!
From Cole:
one two
It’s ALSO Cole and Kiera’s Wedding Anniversary – 2 years! Cheers to you!

Then Madie headed out, and we were on our own!

Alright, this is a funny picture to figure out: it’s Hank, from the back, sitting on my lap and watching Lucy’s puppet show. She put her sheet over a chair. The butterfly is talking about pancakes, I think, but I can’t be sure because as you can see I had my hands full.

Speaking of sheets. I needed to do a couple of quick things in the kitchen — hands free. I realized I had no place to set Hank. So Lucy and I spread a towel out for padding and then a sheet for good measure.
Clean, safe, and utterly exotic to the kitties.

Madie said he might nap for us. He dozed, with the help of his pacifier, and a nice cuddle.

We needed to do a diaper change, so I just re-employed the ottoman. It’s exactly the right size for our big little guy. We played for a bit while he aired out. The weather was super beautiful. Crazy October beautiful. So Hank was not chilly in the least. You know, for the record. ;)

And he was off to dreamland again.

Surprise! Nanu came over for a quick visit!

Madie returned, all smiles.

And, I ran out to bring Oscar home from school. Lucy didn’t go today – too much good stuff happening right here!

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