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Silly Summer Update

03 Jul 2013


I do plan on putting together a slideshow of our Kauai trip, but we’ve been so busy.
Here is a brainstorm list of small things to report:

– Kristi is in town with Cole and Sam. We’ve been hanging out.
– Madie has begun her Maternity leave. Whoot!
– Our (upstairs) bathroom got a white tile facelift. Still to go: turning the pink tub white.
– Mark sold Shelfspace.com and is now PCFog.com
– Izzie and Lachlan have moved to San Diego, and are selling the upstairs.
– The Giants are tragic.
– Oscar’s piano lessons are more solid and reliable than a German train.
– The French American school has not yet begun remodeling. (“The quiet before the storm”)
– Oscar played a couple weeks of baseball camp with SF Park & Rec, and he lived.
– The back stairs got a power wash and coat of opaque stain – An improvement for sure.
– iPhones, iPads and video games are all at max usage.
– Mark cut the Comcast cord and we no longer have cable.
– Book Reading is gathering momentum..
– The garden is hanging in there. It could used some new annuals and some fertilizer.
– The Bachelorette just booted my favorite guy, so now I need to pick a new favorite.

Lucas and Oscar in Marin at a friend’s pool yesterday

How She Rolls

Nostalgic for the Little Puffer

Grandma Bobbie had a penny

This Guy was awesome.

Picnic lunch on the sunny back steps today

Summer Vacation Is Here

31 May 2012

So far the kids are making the adjustment to being together all day.
I hear cries of discontentment, but usually they work it out. It’s like a dog’s bark – sounds sooo annoying, but doesn’t mean that much. I keep reminding Oscar that Lucy is only two (and is really obnoxious lately). He has more patience than I do!
Big plans include catching up with Kristi, Sam and Cole, who are here in SF for June!
Madie’s wedding is June 30th! Camp July is in Denver – can’t wait! and August has us off camping and Disneylanding. Mix in some home improvement, sports and piano lessons, and we are all full! (well, as full as I want to be) Hooray!

Ridin’ The Rails

09 Aug 2011

Nana and Chief took Oscar to Sacramento on Amtrak yesterday. I think the visit was inspired by the trains near their new home in Emeryville. If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em.
They said the trip was easy and a lot of fun. And they took photos! These are my favorites.

Click any to see larger:

And, if thats not enough, here’s a cute voicemail Oscar left me:

[Click to play audio]

Love it. Thanks Nana & Chief!!

Signs Of Summer

08 Jun 2011

Finally feeling Summerish around here.
(Pajamas until noon everyday will do that to you.)

We made a fun list – anyone wants to join us?

(click to see larger)

I just re-read the list. Gee. I better get crackin’!

Summer Vacation! (Last Day Picnic)

29 May 2011

Oscar’s last day of actual Kindergarten was Thursday.

Here they are lining up for the last time :) awww, so sentimental.

This is Barbara, Oscar’s Italian teacher. She put their years work into a book for them to keep.

Then Friday we went to Golden Gate Park for a bbq and picnic. The spot was beautiful – just adjacent to Stow Lake. So many flowers were blooming, and the waterfall rushing. Nana tagged along for the fun. The sun came out and it was awesome. Both Ruth and Suzy’s classes were there – which was great because there will be a mixing up of the classes in the fall! I know Oscar really likes a few of those guys (Hugo, Sonny, Dominic…) Thanks Ms. Ruth, it was a great year!

BIG Thanks to Philip Sabes, Jacob’s dad, for 5 or 6 of these photos! He took that last one of Amanda, (Tamir’s mom) walking with the crew. I love it!