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Laurel Hill – The Naked School

27 Aug 2012

I just got back from dropping off Lucy. No trouble at all. I said, “Ok, see you at gate time”. She started to head outside to play – and we both saw the same thing at the same time: naked kids playing in the sun and sand.

I asked quickly, as she was walking away from me, “Do you wanna take your shoes off, so you don’t get sand in them?”

She turns and says, ‘Mommy I want to take all my clothes off”.

I had to take this photo. She really didn’t want to delay, but she dutifully posed for it. Which I took as fast as I could. I didn’t want anyone to think I was the next Sally Mann.

And one more: A spy pic…

Laurel Hill has some awesome play-based philosophies. One of them is that the Play comes first. We wouldn’t want the constructs of wet clothing to stand in the way. Anyways, Laurel Hill has a great reputation around the city as promoting clothes-free play. I mean we’re known as the naked preschool.

I don’t think Oscar was EVER inclined, during his 2 years. It took Lucy less than 5 days to try it out.

The Kapok Tree

23 May 2012

While I was gone on my Girls Weekend to Ashland, Mark and the kids were busy. Among the soccer games and meals and other stuff, there were some important things I was sorry to miss.

Mark took photos of the Art exhibit. I put them in with that post.

And, Oscar was pretty much the star of his class play, The Kapok Tree.
The class worked hard to learn their lines, and make their set & costumes.
This was Oscar’s first play!
Mark took two movies:

Part one – the introduction
(don’t worry – it’s not crooked)

Part two – the play. (Almost 15 minutes. Oscar comes on at about 1:15.)

Also, Allix and Stuart (a.k.a. Uncle Mac’n’Cheese) came to town (They live in the UK).
Kristi got to see them for about 30 minutes!