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Lucy’s First Charlotte Playdate

23 Sep 2013

It went really well! Lucy has been super attached to Charlotte almost since school year began, and has been begging to have her over. This year Lucy has been focusing on friendship, and who might be her ‘best friend’. (Last year we saw small glimpses of this, but then the friend moved away.) But this new thing is all a little intense and so we are relieved things went, and continue to go, so well! Charlotte is cool and sweet and doesn’t seem to be intimated by Lucy’s overt displays of affection. She seems to be equally excited to be friends! So, Yay!

Mark made buttermilk pancakes – “How bad could that be”

Then they played dress up.



Then they danced “on stage” to (big surprise): “Call Me Maybe”

All the photos are a bit dark because we had a surprise rainy day downpour – in September!?

Then they watched some Little Mermaid. They play this at school together, even though Laurel hill is supposedly no characters. ;)
All in all, a great day.